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Can you make a living off blackjack? And if you can, how much money can you make playing blackjack? The answer to the first question is yes. You just need to know how to play the game and how to make the most of the cards in front of you. Most players who participate in blackjack tournaments professionally have a profound knowledge of the game. They are also exceptional card counters although some may not want to admit it.

Card counting has built many a pro blackjack careers at land-based casinos. One famous example is the man who penned the card counting Bible himself Edward O. Thorp. And another legendary pro blackjack player that comes to mind is the man who broke Atlantic City, Don Johnson. That’s one man who made bank off blackjack.

Let’s explore what your options are if you want to play blackjack for a living.

Can You Get Erich From Blackjack?

Can You get Rich from Blackjack?

You can get rich from blackjack if you master the art of knowing when to hit, split double down. All professional blackjack players who have got rich off the casino game of 21 seem to just know what play to make. But it is not through pure luck. I think most if not all blackjack players who win massive amounts at land base casinos do count cards. Although casinos have become very wary of card counters and closely monitor players especially at high roller tables to avoid the Don Johnson situation at Trop Casino happening to them.

The top 2 ways to get rich or at least win in blackjack are as follows;

  1. Card counting – you do not need to remember each card in the deck as it is dealt. That would make the whole process of counting cards unnecessarily difficult. We gave a definitive guide to counting cards in blackjack which you can definitely use to improve your skills.
  2. Playing Blackjack Online- Although its nearly all but impossible to count cards online because each hand is re-shuffled after cards are dealt out. You can use online blackjack to practice and sharpen your betting instincts. When to hit, split or double down is make or break when you want to get rich off blackjack.
  3. Is it possible to win off blackjack without counting cards? Yes, definitely but having both killer instincts at the table of knowing when to split or hit coupled with card counting will go a long way in getting you to Don Johnson Levels. We can’t guarantee that you will walk away with $1.2 million dollars in one night at the tables as he did but you could get a lot through practice.

A lot of the casinos we recommend have blackjack tournaments often and that’s a great place to start in getting a feel of the game. What’s more most of these casinos offer players exclusive blackjack bonuses. The casinos that have the most blackjack tournaments currently are Café Casino and Bovada. Try them out today, create an account and you could be well on your way to major blackjack wins!