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Most slots players some point ask the question “Are online slots rigged?” at some point in their lives. The answer to the question is not a matter of fact. This is because the answer can change based on the casino that you choose to play at.

Usually, the answer is no if you are playing a casino that is regulated and is constantly reviewed to make sure that their games are fair.

Another answer to the question is yes, if you are playing at a casino that is rigged, not regulated, and using unlicensed software. Hence, it is important to make sure that the casino you choose is safe and regulated before you deposit any real money.

Are Slots Rigged?

How to Identify Rigged Slots

As we have mentioned, your first bet is to play at casinos that are safe and regulated. These casinos are audited by independent organizations (such as eCOGRA and TST) that make sure that they are fair. Regulated casinos have a seal of approval on the footer of the site. It allows you to see the registration number yourself.

However, if the seal is not visible, you can contact the casino support and find out there.

Another way to check is by checking the software provider that supplies that slot games. They also need to be regulated and audited to make sure that their games are fair. The best casinos will use software that is regulated and safe.

Random Number Generators

All games have to use Random Number Generator (RNG) for them to be considered to be fair, online slots are no exception. When slots use RNGs the outcome of a game is random and not predetermined. It is also not influenced by the previous spin. So, the results that you get for each spin is random.

Even though the results are random, RNG still works in a way that corresponds with the RTP percentage, which indicates how often the slot pays out. So, it means that it is possible to win a jackpot after another.

Making Sure that You are Playing Fair

Is it important to know the credentials of a casino? Yes, it is important because it is ensuring that you will not be scammed by a casino that is not credible. This also ensures that you play online slots that are fair and give you a better chance of winning and getting paid out.

Playing at a rigged casino will not provide an enjoyable experience. It is why some players end up being hesitant about online casinos. However, to safeguard yourself, choose to play at casinos that are not rigged. Our website lists such casinos, so you can check out our casino reviews page for more.