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Updated on: November 23rd, 2020

Cash transfer agents accept cash or other funds at one place and deliver to the recipient at another. They cater to both commercial and personal requirements. Many US online casinos accept cash transfers as a deposit method. Western Union and MoneyGram are the biggest and most reputed cash transfer agents in the United States.
Western Union was established in 1851 as a national telegraph company. In 1871, it introduced its money transfer service, based on its extensive telegraph network. Western Union has its North American headquarters is in Meridian, Colorado. MoneyGram was founded in 1940 with money orders as its primary business. In its present form MoneyGram International Inc. came into being in 1998 with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It is a public company and listed on the NASDAQ. Both companies have extensive networks throughout the United States making it a convenient cash deposit option at online casinos.

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Advantages of cash transfers banking method

No membership is required with any of the cash transfer agents so the initial signing up process is eliminated. If you are depositing cash at the outlet of the agent then you can complete the entire process without the use of credit or debit card and without involving your bank account. It is ideal for players who do not have a credit card or do not want to use it online. Even if you are using a credit card to deliver funds to the cash transfer agent online your credit card details will not be on the servers of all US online casinos you play at.

Disadvantages to cash transfers banking method

US online casinos do not remit money to your account through Western Union, MoneyGram or any other cash transfer agent. So the withdrawal will have to be either through wire transfer or check. If you deposit using cash then the transfer time can be a couple of hours to a couple of days depending on the locations. The fees charged by cash transfer agents make this the costliest deposit option by far at US online casinos. If you are a high roller then some US online casinos will bear this cost. It is more inconvenient to execute than other deposit options.

How to use cash transfers banking method at online casinos

At most US online casinos, you will have to get in touch with customer support and collect the data that will have to be given to the cash transfer agent. This will be the details of the bank account in which the online casino wants the money deposited. It is safer to check this out before every deposit in case the online casino has changed the bank account.

Then you locate your nearest cash transfer agent outlet and have your ID with you. You can do this from the web site of the agent. Then submit the cash amount equal to the deposit you want to make at the online casino and the applicable fee. You will also have to fill in the details given by the online casino. After that you will be given a receipt for the amount and a code for the transaction. You will then have to log in to the US online casino. At the cashier you will have to go to Deposit and select Western Union or MoneyGram, whichever you have used. You will have to enter the deposit amount and the code given by the cash transfer agent. Follow the other steps on the screen to complete the transaction. The time taken for the money to show up could vary from minutes to days, which depends on many factors.

There are two ways to speed up the process. Cash transfer agents often will charge larger fees for express delivery and you can go for that option. Or you can remit the amount to the cash transfer agent using a credit card through an online transaction. In his case the advantage of not using a credit card will be lost.

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