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Updated on: November 20th, 2020

check-payment-depositCheck payment is as old as the banking system. A check is a negotiable instrument that orders the drawer’s bank to pay a specified sum of money from the drawer’s account to the drawee’s bank account. The online casino will issue a check of the amount that you wish to withdraw. This check will have to be presented to the online casino’s bank through your bank.

Check payment is one of the two default withdrawal options at US online casinos, the other being wire transfer. We explain the advantages and disadvantages of check payments as compared to wire transfers so that you can decide which option is better for you.

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Advantages of check payment banking method

The online casino will incur a cost for posting the check to you. If the casino sends the check via snail mail then the online casino may or may not recover the cost from you. Some online casinos give you the option of getting the check to you via a courier at your cost. This would be deducted from the withdrawn amount. Your bank may also charge a nominal fee for the check clearance. All put together it will be lower than the cost of wire transfer and this gives it some advantage.

You will never have to use credit cards anywhere in the process or disclose details about your bank account to the online casino.

check payment

Disadvantages to check payment banking method

The time taken for you to receive the funds in your account is the only disadvantage but it is huge. This includes pending period at the online casino, the time taken at the online casino for writing the check, the time taken in the mail, the time taken for you to deposit the check in your bank and the clearance process. The time can extend to 10 working days or more. This offsets the advantages it has over the wire transfer option.

How to use check payment banking method at online casinos

When you want to make a withdrawal at your US online casino using the check payment option, you log in and access the cashier. Choose the withdrawal option and from the methods displayed select Check. The process is much simpler than wire transfers. You will only have to enter the amount that you want to withdraw. The amount should be within the minimum and maximum limits specified for check payments by the online casino. Also the amount should not exceed the withdrawable balance in your online casino account. Please note that your bonus balance cannot be withdrawn. You may at this stage be given the option of receiving the check by express delivery at your cost. If you want this make sure that you exercise this option or your check will be sent by snail mail. Follow the steps given on the screen to complete the process.

In due course the check will be posted to the address that you had given when you registered at the online casino. It is unlikely that the online casino will post the check at any other address that you may want. If you have shifted residence you will have to get the new address registered with the online casino. For this you would have to submit proof of residence at the new address.

Check payment is really scraping the bottom of the barrel as far as online casino withdrawal options are concerned. You should go for it only when there is nothing else available.

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