Visa credit cards have a long history of reputed operations. Since its inception it was one of the most used credit cards for land based use. With the spread of the Internet, Visa adapted itself for secure online payments to merchants. These came to include online casinos as well.Visa credit cards are a product of Visa Inc., which is an American financial services company with global operations and headquarters in California. It is important to note that the credit is offered by the banks that issue the Visa cards. In 1975 the International Bankcard Company took over the operations of the failed Bank of America credit card program. The new credit card was named Visa. In 2006 the different companies handling the credit card program in different regions were merged into one entity called Visa Inc. In 2008 the company went public and was listed on the NYSE.

Advantages of Visa banking method

Many US online casino players would already be using Visa credit cards for online and offline purchases. Therefore you are already familiar with its usage. It makes sense to use this credit card for online casino deposits as well, rather than go through the hassles of signing up for a different payment option.

Deposits using Visa credit cards are credited instantly so you can start wagering immediately. You have to clear your credit card payment at the end of the billing cycle so you get some credit as well. The deposit transactions using Visa credit cards are absolutely secure and safe.

Disadvantages to Visa banking method

The biggest disadvantage of using Visa credit cards as a deposit option is that it cannot be used for withdrawals at US online casinos. Therefore you will have to pick up another option for withdrawals. Some US issuing banks treat deposits to online casinos as cash advances and levy charges as if you have withdrawn cash at ATMs using the visa credit card. You will need to check this with the bank that has issued your Visa credit card.

That your Visa credit card details are in the servers of every US online casino you sign up at is perceived as a disadvantage by some players.

How to use Visa banking method at online casinos

The first step in using Visa credit cards to deposit at online casinos is to select this option when you sign up at the US online casino. You will be asked to register your card at the US online casino by filling up a form. You will also be asked to give your 3-digit CVV number. This will be stored in the server and will not be accessible by anyone. It serves two advantages. Each time you deposit you will have to enter only the CVV number and not the full details of the credit card. It is a security measure that will authorize the transaction if the entered CVV number matches with the registered CVV number.

Then each time you want to make a deposit you will have to log in at the US online casino with your user ID and password. You must navigate to the cashier and select the Deposit option. From the list of payment options displayed select Visa credit card. You will automatically be linked with your card. Enter the deposit amount and the CVV number then click the button to complete the deposit transaction. Most Visa credit card issuing banks add another layer of security called verified by Visa. Before your payment is confirmed you will be taken to the Visa portal where you enter the password that you registered. Only if the password is correct will your payment go through.

There are some pointers that you should keep in mind while using Visa credit cards to ensure that the transaction goes through smoothly. The amount of the deposit should be within the limits prescribed by the US online casino. You are not exceeding the limit on your Visa credit card by making the deposit.