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The best strategy for video poker depends on what variant of the game you are playing. Video poker is an umbrella term for several electronic games that merge poker and slots. That is why in some instances video poker machines may be referred to as poker slot machines. To understand how to formulate the best strategy for video poker games, you need to know how the game works.

Basically, the whole aim of video poker is to get the best poker hand possible. Players get cards randomly dealt out the same way a slot machine randomly shows different symbols on their reels. You will then have to click and retain the cards that you want. Then spin again to get more cards- click and retain those you want again.

By the time you’ve used up all your betting coins, the hand that you have put together will determine your payout.

How to Be a Video Poker Strategy Master

Now, remember there are different types of video poker games including jacks or better deuces wild joker poker bonus poker and more. Although each of those games best as their winning hands are standard poker hands, there are some varying rules amongst them.

What Is The Best Way To Win At Video Poker?

For instance, in jacks or better the minimum paying hand is a pair of jacks so it would be prudent in jacks or better to have a strategy that involves holding on to all jacks to get at least the minimum payout.

In Deuces Wild, the minimum paying hand is a pair of deuces or twos. Additionally, in Deuces Wild a two can substitute another card to form a winning hand. Basically, the deuces are wild as the name of the game suggests. Therefore, your strategy changes altogether. You are more likely in this game to hold on to a Two and discard a Jack. This will boost your chances of winning.

In Bonus Poker, there is a bonus for having a four of a kind hands made up of four aces or made up of twos and threes or another four of a kind altogether. So, in this game, your strategy would involve keeping an eye out for ace’s twos and threes. Whereas in any other video poker game Two’s and Three’s probably wouldn’t rank high up on your priority list.

What is the Best Way to Win at Video Poker?

So, in essence, your strategy needs to be tailored to each video poker game you play. Although it is important to have a game-specific strategy, there are some universal strategies that you can use on all video poker games, and they are as follows;

  • Always play the max bet that is using all five coins. This ensures that you will always get the highest payout possible when you win.
  • Make sure you know your poker hands hierarchy. That way, you will know which cards are most important to keep and which ones you can discard without damaging your chances of a good payout.
  • Make sure you know the minimum pain hand of the video poker game you’re about to play. This ensures that even if you don’t get the highest paying hand, you will at least leave the game with a payout.

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