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Updated on: April 29th, 2024

You can cheat at video poker games. Video poker machines are very much similar to slot machines, and people have found ways to cheat both. Several ways can be mechanical or electronically tampering with the machines to trigger wins. We will explore some of the most popular unscrupulous ways of cheating and video poker machines.

There are also ways of winning at online video poker by playing strategically without cheating.

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How To Cheat Video Poker Machines

Video poker machines function similarly to slot machines. In the same way, you stick a coin into the machine to get the game’s reels spinning, and you need to get a video poker machine to start. However, in recent times most casinos have replaced coin payments with electronic card payments. There are still, however, many land-based casinos that still use coins to play video poker games. So if you are in a casino that still has some coin-operated video poker machines, these are some of the methods you can use to treat the machines. Please note that we do not recommend these methods as they are most likely to get you banned from the casino or, worse, arrested. These are purely anecdotal.

How to Cheat Video Poker Machines at Casinos

If you have found an old machine that uses coins is other ways that you can cheat the machine

1. Using A Yo-Yo Coin

A yo-yo coin has a string of sorts attached to it. You insert the coin into the video poker machine’s slot and pull it out again. In this way, you only ever have to pay for one coin and play for as many times as you can. This method is also known as fishing.

2. Use Fake Coins

In the past, some cheats would use duplicate counterfeit coins. These coins look and feel like the real casino coin to trigger the video poker machine to start spinning.

Because of such cheating methods, many casinos in Vegas and many other cities have since updated their machines, and players have to use electronic cards to pay for games.

3. Study Bugs And Glitches In The Game

All modern games have run on a computer program. And all computer programs usually will have a bug or glitch, especially in the early stages. It takes patience to study what glitches of bugs a video poker game has. But if you have the expertise and time, you can easily exploit a glitch before the game makers spotted and amended it.

Tips on How to Win At Video Poker Without Cheating

You can win video poker without cheating. Video poker is a game of chance and skill. The chance aspect comes from the fact that the game operates like a slot machine. The real spin and arbitrarily give you a combination of cards. You can use your skill and knowledge of probabilities to hold onto or discard certain cards.

Moreover, video poker only uses a single deck of cards. Therefore it has fixed odds. You can count cards if you are fast enough to predict the cards, you will most likely get more accurately.

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