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There is this theory that purchasing more expensive scratch tickets is a gateway to success. After all, the idea is that companies or state institutions running these lottery games can easily recoup the losses with a more expensive ticket.

Although some people try to convince you otherwise, there isn’t really any strategy that can help increase your odds in scratch cards except to buy more cards. Remember that the more unsuccessful cards you eliminate, the greater your chance of getting the winning card the next time you buy.


But, quite simply, this is not how it works.

is it better to buy more expensive scratch cards

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Buying a more expensive ticket could increase your chances of winning. However, it can also decrease it. This is not due to the price of the ticket but rather due to the fact that each game has its own paytable.

If you really want to increases your odds of winning a prize with a scratch card, we recommend that you take note of the following facts:

Focus on Game Pay Tables

A lot of novice gamblers play online casino games blindly. When we say this, we mean that they don’t really take the time to study the possible bets and the associated paytable in a game. As such, they go through life making bad bets and then complain that they never win.

But this doesn’t have to be you. If you really want to win at scratch cards, just focus your energies on games that provide players with higher odds. In fact, there are some states around the country that offer scratch card games with odds as low as 1 in 4 chance of winning.

That being said, those numbers usually refer to the smallest possible prize. Thus, it is also important to remember that a small win is still a win. Even if you really just covered enough to pay for the amount you spent on the ticket.

The More Expensive, The Greater the Prize

More expensive scratch cards usually offer better prizes. As stated above, the price of a ticket does not influence the odds you face. There are a lot of expensive games out there with better odds than cheaper games.

So, again, you need to make sure that you look at a game’s paytable before purchasing the card. It doesn’t help to buy hundreds of tickets for a game that is expensive and doesn’t give you better odds of winning a prize.

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Buying More Cards Doesn’t Guarantee You a Win

Above we mentioned that one of the only ways you can increase your odds of winning in scratch cards is through buying more cards. However, you should never do this to your own detriment.

Gambling is a hobby that will always be very unlikely to payout. Yes, you may be one of the lucky few people who win the lottery one day, but chances are you won’t be because there is something like 1 in 8,000,000 chance of winning the grand prize.

So, never spend hundreds of dollars you cannot afford to lose playing a game that probably won’t pay you out as you spend on it. The only person you are hurting is yourself by doing so.

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