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You may be wondering if winning on a scratch card is actually possible. Moreover, what are the odds of you purchasing the winning ticket at a virtual casino? Well, we say 1 in 3. Essentially, what is meant by this is that one-third of all the tickets sold will be winning tickets. Consequently, that does not mean that if you purchase three scratch cards, the third one will be the winning card.

Equally important, when you play online scratch cards, you have to realise that it is an instant online ticket. The odds are calculated based on two factors. Firstly, the number of game tickets will be looked at. Secondly, the various prizes for that particular scratch are also taken into considering.

Therefore, as tickets are being sold, the odds of winning on a scratch card for some prizes will change. This is because bought scratch card tickets are removed from the pool of accessible tickets.

Winning on A Scratch Card

Improving Your Chances Of Winning On A Scratch Card

Scratch Cards are games of luck, and while there aren’t guaranteed strategies to help you win, there are ways to improve your odds. Similarly, we have yet to find ways to help you win every single time you play scratch cards. However, we have a few pro tips to help you improve your odds of winning on a scratch or two.

1.      Buy Cards within a set price range.

The prize of the scratch will not guarantee you a win. Scratchies have different designs, styles, and odds. You can easily compare the cards using the prizes.  Cheaper scratch cards will generally have a low prize amount and a low percentage of winners. In comparison, more expensive tickets tend to have higher jackpots, even a spread of high payouts and a higher percentage of winners.

2.      Choose a game and stick to it.

While it’s easy to get distracted by all the various games. should you buy a ticket to every scratch card available on the site you would be hitting all the losing cards. Pick a scratch card and game and buy a ticket to that game only.

3.      Buy in bulk.

Many scratch card players swear by purchasing cards in bulk. There is a high chance that when you by the scratch cards in bulk, the odds of getting a win ticket increase. This is why buying between 5 to 10 scratch cards could work in your favour.

4.      Remember to practice bankroll management.

It is essential to be strict with your budget. Sure, buying more than one scratch card is a great idea. In addition, to buying the more expensive cards you don’t want to blow your budget all in one day or a few hours. Again, this all depends on how you have set up your bankroll.

5.      Read the fine print.

As serious as it may sound, this piece of advice is essential in scratch cards. Moreover, if you are interested in knowing what the odds of winning on a scratch card are. The fine print will often tell you what your chances of winning on that card are. Hence, why reading the print is important. Who would want to play on a card that has longer odds rather than shorter odds?

Play Scratch Cards Online

If there were one simple trick or strategies that you could win at playing scratch cards, we would have it by now. Unfortunately, there isn’t. Scratch are games based on luck, and all you can do to improve your chances of winning is to try our tips.

Therefore, applying the top tips and tricks we have provided at top US online casinos is a great way to try your luck. Ultimately, it comes down to chance.  Who knows you could end up like the Illinois’ teen who won $4 million on a $25 scratch card in 2014. Sign up to our casino to play today.