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Playing lottery games is all about statistics and choosing the right number of numbers. So, when deciding keno numbers, you’ve probably wondered: “how many keno numbers should I pick?” and what the payout will look like.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the estimated payouts and how many keno numbers you need to get the best payouts. Also, we’ll look at the estimated gains of a drawing for a full or partial match on your picks.

Usually, you can also pick 15 keno numbers per ticket (depending on the game), which has the highest payout of a perfect match: 10 000 to one. But, the odds of getting them all is rare, so don’t bank on it.

Pick Keno Numbers

Picking Keno Numbers

Most strategies recommend taking automated picks instead of relying on lucky keno numbers for a reason. And that reason is: you’re playing a randomized game, so you should take advantage of the random picks to even out your chances.

Of course, not every game is fair, so your best bet is finding regularly tested games from recognized software providers. That way, you can be assured that the draws and payouts are entirely fair for both parties.

Then, you can go about filling your tickets and getting ready for the draw. Generally, expert players recommend taking no more than ten numbers per line. This will increase your odds of getting a win, though it won’t be guaranteed.

In the chart below, you can see the odds of getting winning numbers on your ticket, based on the number you pick:

Keno Numbers

Optimal Payouts for Players

When choosing between sites to play at and games to try, we recommend reading player reviews first. These are honest and real, with genuine feedback to give you an indication of fairness.

Of course, sites are pretending to be legit, which is why reviews matter. Still, it’s up to you to pick the right one and put the games to the test. So, play for free as well to get a feel for these specialty games at online casinos.

With that said, don’t go for any games with a high house edge, and stick to the most popular variants on the site.

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