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Before we get into how to play keno and win, small disclaimer, keno is a gambling game and a lot of it is up to chance. Therefore, there’s only so much you can do, save for completely rigging the game to guarantee a win every single time. Now that, that’s out of the way we can now go into some realistic and obtainable ways to improve your odds of winning keno.

The first and most important step in winning any game especially gambling games is understanding the rules. After you understand the rules you know how the game works and the odds of different bets. Knowing the odds and related risks of different wagers will allow you to make better decisions which will in turn improve your chances of winning. Let us now expand on how to play and win keno.

4 Tips to Improve Your Odds of Winning Keno

Playing keno whether you do so online or at a state lottery follows the same basic principles. You are guessing anything between 1 to 20 numbers on a keno ticket that has up to 80 numbers. Different online keno sites have limits on how many numbers you can choose the most common is usually 10 spots per ticket. Of course, this considerably reduces your odds of getting many numbers correct. This is where our first tip to playing and winning keno comes in.

Win at Keno

  1. If you’re playing keno through a lottery you can enter one ticket into multiple draws. Therefore, if you feel strongly about the numbers you have chosen you can give them up to 20 more chances to win you a payout.
  2. Playing keno online is another way to improve your odds of winning. Not only can you enter one keno ticket into multiple drawers you can buy multiple keno ticket again. There for you spread your odds in one game.


  1. Another way of improving your odds of winning is knowing the odds of different totals of numbers. Let’s explain this further. The probability of getting all 20 spots on a ticket period is very slim while the probability of getting five sports create is higher. Although the probability of getting the maximum number of spots correct on a keno ticket is low you should still always opt for the maximum spots on a ticket. Why is that this is because you give yourself a wider margin of error. If you only choose five numbers when you’ve been given an opportunity to choose 10 it narrows your odds of getting more numbers correct.


  1. Keeping track of keno numbers that hit the most is a great way of improving your odds of winning period although Keno is a lottery style game which was completely random and results a random as well you can still find some patterns. Over a period of time you will notice that some numbers hit more than others. Therefore it pays to take note of those and select them on your keno tickets. You will find that when you do this often you get better results.

More About Keno


You can try out any of these tips add any of the online keno sites we recommend. The great thing is you don’t have to lose any real money as you are trying out these tips. And this is because when you sign up the casino offers you a real money bonus which you can use on keno games slots and bingo. So what are you waiting for a sign up and start winning today.

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