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Updated on: April 29th, 2024

If you have found your way here you are probably looking at a way to cheat online slots. But how do you cheat on slots online? And can you actually hack online slots? Well, if you consider the fact that online slot machines make use of a random number generator software which is responsible for what symbols show up on your reels and in turn whether you win or not.

So, having considered that is it possible to cheat online slots. the quick and most realistic answer is no. why do we say no well simply because the way online slots operate is independent of human interference. It is computer software that generates totally random results each time. Therefore, the only way to cheat an online slot would be to hack the software and manipulate it to create wins specifically, for you.

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Can Online Slots Be Hacked?

Tampering with slot machines at land-based casinos has given many people guaranteed wins and one-way tickets to jail. But has anyone ever cheated slots online? Online slots make sue of software to generate results. There have been attempts at online casino cheats software. However, the best online casinos make use of high-end sol encryption technology which is used by some of the best financial institutions in the world. So, it’s needless to say that it’s nearly impossible to cheats on online casinos.

Software which is regularly audited by independent authorities. So, let’s humour you and say you got some hacking software which would skew the reels in your favour. The regular audits would soon expose the anomaly. Before you know it, you would be explaining yourself to the authorities.

How to Cheat Slots

5 Ways to Cheat Slot Machines at Casinos

You can cheat slots at land-based casinos by physically tampering with the machines. Here are some ways people have used to cheat slots.

1.      Insider Trading

Tony way to successfully cheat a slot machine without tampering physically with the machine is if you have inside information. One such engineer with the Nevada gaming commission cheated for years until he was caught and prosecuted in 1998.

2.      Shaved Coins

Shaved coins are objects that match the shape of a coin. The shaved coin would be inserted with the object, the object starts play while the shaved coin is ejected. That way a player never has to lose real money to gamble.

3.      Fake Coins

this is pretty self-explanatory. Slot cheats use fake coins in place of legitimate coins.

4.      Yo Yo Coins

Yo yo coins have a string attached and inserted into the slot. After it begins to play and a round ends the player pulls the coin out again to repeatedly bet with one coin

5.      Light Wand Trick

The light wand manipulated the lighter optic sensors of the slot machine. This would confuse payouts turning a small coin payout to a massive jackpot. The infamous Tommy Glenn Carmichael used this method

Should You Cheat Slots?

As with any game, it’s normal for players to wonder if they can cheat slot machines to get better payouts. Since slots are a game of chance it is almost impossible to cheat online slots. There have been some who have managed to cheat real slot machines using different tips and tricks.

We do not endorse or back these as fail proof methods of winning at slots. However, there are some fun anecdotes of certain gamblers who infamously cheated slots at casinos. Needless to say, they faced the wrath of the law. We advise you play slots online and win real money while you at it.

Many gamblers fall prey to “experts’ who claim to have ways of bypassing online slots. These claims are worthless since online slots use computerised Random Number generators. Now unless you are on the ins with the software developers there is no way you can trick online slots. Most of the tips that are given by these so-called experts would have worked on the old slot machines not online slots.

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