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Updated on: November 11th, 2022

slot-machine-how-toHow to play slots is very simple considering slots are not a skill-based casino game. All need to know is how to adjust your bets and you’re good to go. The only technicalities in slots are how winning combinations are formed. One would assume winning combinations are formed horizontally, vertically and diagonally across the reels.

However, there is a variety of other patterns that form winning combinations on the reels. Honestly, the best way to understand how to play slot machines and how they work is to actually play them. This is why free online slots are also important, you can get maximum reel action with no loss incurred.

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How to Play Slots in 3 Steps

  1. Select the Bet Amount

You do this by manually inputting the coin size or selecting the “+” sign to increase the bet amount “- “top decrease the amount

  1. Choose the number of Betting Lines or Paylines

This can be done on a slot machine with multiple adjustable paylines only. Some slot games online only have fixed paylines.

  1. Spin the Reels

You have two options for spinning reels on most online slots for money.  At times you may have three options.

a.) Manually spin the reels by clicking the spin button

b.) Select the auto spin, where the slot machine will automatically spin the reels for a set number of spins or until you stop it

c.) Turbo spin the reels. Some slots have an auto spin option that allows you to select a super high speed to spin the reels.


Playing Online Slots

Slots are one of if not the easiest online casino game to play. No skill element you simply have to know how to set the amount you want to bet. Naturally, the interface of each slot game differs according to which software developer makes it but the basic principle is the same. To operate your slot game interface there are two things to look out for – paylines and bet amount.

Slot Machine Symbols and Features

If you are completely new to slots and how slot machines work you may be unfamiliar with the various slot symbols. There are many different unique symbols and features in each individual slot but there are standard features that are found in all slots. These include the scatter, wilds, bonus rounds, and multipliers.


The scatter symbol is one of the best slot symbol. It triggers extra features, free spins, multipliers, re-spins and bonus rounds in some cases. They also offer some of the highest payouts.


A wild symbol can substitute for any other symbol except a scatter to complete a winning combination. Wilds can also trigger other features like free spins and multipliers.

Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds are like extra games that happen within the game where players can stand a chance to multiply their wins further. Bonus rounds may be a continuation of an angle in the main game or just a simple gambling game between two choices. If you make the right choice you win and if you don’t you lose it all.


Multipliers are bonuses that you win when you get special symbols like wilds and scatters. Multipliers boost wins by a set amount. For instance if you get a 10x multiplier it means you will earn 10x your bet amount! Sometimes multipliers can go up to 50 times or more.

How to Play Slot Machines for Beginners

After the bet select “Spin” to get the reels spinning and if you would like multiple uninterrupted spins then select “Autoplay”. Terms will vary with different slots but these are standard on many American slots online. The software will automatically check each active payline and make payments for the winning combinations.

Usually the winning combinations will be three or more like symbols in an active payline starting from the first reel. The amount that is awarded for each winning combination is given in the payout table. You may trigger a bonus feature at any spin. The rules for the bonus features are also given in the payout table.

Some slots let you manually input the bet amount while others will just let you decrease or increase the bet amount by clicking on the plus or minus sign. On some online slots for money with adjustable paylines, you can also select the number of paylines you want to play. We have outlined the easy steps of playing online slot machines real money.

Most American slots online will adjust their bets with a +/- sign. Clicking on ‘select lines will allow to adjust the number of paylines. Select “Spin” to get the reels spinning and if you would like multiple uninterrupted spins then select “Autoplay”. Terms will vary with different slots but these are standard on many American slots online.

Tricks to Winning on Slot Machines

Like we mentioned earlier, there is no skill to slots. Online slots are purely based on chance. Each game differs in volatility and payouts However, there are things you can do to better your odds of winning slots. The number of paylines you choose affects your odds.

If your bankroll allows, activate the maximum paylines possible. Playing the maximum bet lines increases your odds of winning. If you have a smaller bankroll place small bets until you land a huge payout. Then when you hit a big payout you can increase the bet amount.

How to Play Slots FAQs

How do you play slots for beginners?

Playing slots for beginners is as easy as 1,2,3!

  1. Select your bet amount
  2. Choose how many paylines you want active
  3. Click spin to get the reels spinning. You have the option to select auto spin for multiple uninterrupted spins.

Is there any skill to slot machines?

Slot machines are completely random so there’s no skill involved. And while there is no skill involved there are still strategy and tips you can use to improve your chances of winning.

Can you cheat on slot machines?

Unless you are physically tampering with machines at a land-based casino there is no way to cheat slots. Especially with online slots which use an RNG to give the most randomized results.

What is the best way to bet on slot machines?

It’s always to bet max and activate the full number of paylines if your budget allows.

What type of slot machines pay the best?

Progressive jackpot slots always pay the best.

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