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Updated on: August 3rd, 2021

The Paroli betting system easy simple progression betting style. There are three levels in the Paroli progression. You start off with a single unit bet we should double twice before starting the betting cycle again. It is also known as the 1-3-2-6 betting system.

Of course, there are rules and guidelines as to how this betting system will work. The single betting unit is only doubled in the event of a win. If there is a loss whether on the first or second progression level you go back to the single unit bit. Regardless of whether you have one or three progression levels you still go back to the single unit bets after your third progression.

This betting system works beautifully on games that have even money bets but it can also be modified to games that have more complex bets such as blackjack.

All this talk about progressions may be confusing so stick around and follow along as we further breakdown how the Paroli system works in betting.

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What Is Paroli Betting? – Paroli System Explainged

The Paroli betting system is about incremental progression. You start off with a single betting unit won’t you increase by doubling. Your first bet is a single unit bet and the following two bets are a double of the previous bet. Remember wages are only doubled if you win the bet. When you lose the bet, you have to go back to the single unit. Each cycle of this betting system consists of three bets.

Let us illustrate with an example:

Your first bet is $2 so that becomes your single unit.

If that bet wins you double it and your next bet is $4.

Again, if this bet wins you double your next one and your wager is $8.

The above is the principal of the Paroli betting system.

Paroli Betting

How the Paroli Betting System Works

As we have already mentioned a few times b Paroli betting system is a progressive betting system. What that means is you keep doubling your previous wager when you win. The theory of this betting system is based on maximizing your possible profits and minimising your losses. In the event of a losing bet the player has to go back to the single unit. Although it’s not guaranteed that if you win one bet, you’ll win the next however if you do and you wager has been increased it means your payout would have increased exponentially as well.

Although the system works on a cycle of three bets. If all of your three bets one you can double your next bet. Although some players modify this and go back to the single bet to minimise any possible loss. Because many players chase wins when they see they’re on a winning streak and end up losing a lot more by not controlling how much they are doubling.

Paroli Betting System in Roulette and Blackjack Games

The Paroli progressive betting system works well where there are fewer variables. Most gambling games have hundreds upon hundreds of variables which may make this a bit tricky. However, there are wagers within these games that have only two outcomes.

In a scenario with only two outcomes to choose between it’s easier to use this betting system. However expert players have found ways to adapt the paroli to games like blackjack. In fact, using the Paroli betting system in blackjack might be the best way to get the most wins.

Using strategies such as card-counting along with Paroli betting could exponentially increase how much you win in a casino.

Card-counting is essentially a predictive strategy. And the better you get at predicting the more accurate your wages are. The Paroli betting is based on doubling when you do win. When you count cards, you are able to predict which card will be dealt next. The card may either be in favour of the bet you placed or against it. You could use this together with the Paroli system to place bets that are always in your advantage.

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