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Updated on: December 9th, 2021

Fibonacci betting is based on the mathematical sequence by the same name. It is based on placing a bet equal to the last two before it. Such betting systems are progressive systems. The Fibonacci betting style is suited well for games like roulette and craps. However, you can adapt it to other games like baccarat, blackjack and even keno. It’s one of the most common gambling strategies and has been successful for many players. We will break down how the Fibonacci sequence works in some casino games and how profitable it is.

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How the Fibonacci Sequence

Fibonacci is a number series where one number is the total of the two previous numbers. In other words, if you have a series of such numbers as 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, it is Fibonacci series. Why? Because if you compare the one number to the sum of the two before it, they are equal.
13 = 8 + 5

8 = 5 + 3

5= 3 + 2

3 = 2 + 1

1 = 1 + 0

Based on this formula The next number in this series should be 21 because 13 + 8 = 21

Fibonacci Betting

How to Bet Using the Fibonacci Betting System

Betting with the Fibonacci system is based on the sequence. So, you start off with a single unit and increase the following units by the number before it.

This is the Fibonacci sequence 1; 1; 2; 3; 5; 8; 13; 21

1 is increased by the first 1 and goes to 2.

2 is increased by the 1 before it and goes to 3.

3 is increased by the 2 before and becomes 5

5 is increased by the 3 before it and becomes 8 and so on.

A simpler way to explain this is that your bet should be equal to the last two bets. Using this betting system, you must start off with a small unit in order to preserve your bankroll.

Fibonacci is a negative progression betting system. Meaning that it is designed to cover for losses, so you have to increase your wager when you lose a bet. This is so that when you win the profit covers the bet you made plus the loss you incurred in the previous round.

Betting Fibonacci

If you are losing this how you would bet

So, if you start off with a $1 initial bet your next bet is $1

Next you bet $2

After you bet on $3

Then wager $5.

If you get a win, you go back to the most recent lowest bet and keep to it until l you lose.

The Fibonacci sequence is unending and go on to infinity. Therefore, you must set a limit to how far in the sequence you are willing to go. If you extend the sequence to far it will place tremendous start=in on your bankroll and becomes too risk. The risk will outweigh the potential benefits.

Is the Fibonacci the Most Successful Gambling Strategy?

The Fibonacci strategy is great if you have money to burn. Although it can be adjusted to smaller bankrolls. It’s a strategy which is very much a gamble in itself. You are increasing your bet in the hopes that your next outcome will be a a win. If you lose you have an even bigger loss to cover.

For this bet to be efficient you have to place a limit on how many bets will be in your sequence. It’s best to stick to five bets.

It’s advisable to use the Fibonacci betting system in conjunction with another strategy that is designed to boost your odds or accuracy in placing bets. That way you have a complete strategy that covers all bases and has better profitability potential.

Origins of the Fibonacci Sequence

The Fibonacci Sequence was popularised by the Italian Mathematician Leonardo of Pisa. His sequence made its way into western mathematic an is now a major part of the gambler’s strategies worldwide. The sequence has earlier origins in Indian mathematics and historical scripts.

Many places faith in the Fibonacci sequence and betting system because the sequence is also frequent in biology and nature. The way flowers sprout or leaves grow follow the growth sequence or ration of the sequence.

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