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Updated on: August 3rd, 2021

Oscar’s Grind strategy is likely the safest betting strategy you can use provided you have the bankroll. With Oscar’s Grind strategy you keep placing the same wager until you make a profit. In that case, you then increase your bet by a unit. Equally important to note that the betting strategy bears resemblance to the D’Alembert and maybe the Martingale betting system. However, there is a fundamental difference in that you do not increase your bet size until there is a profit. The other two strategies work inversely.

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Using Oscar’s Grind Betting Strategy

Oscar’s Grind is one of the best strategies for linear casino games like roulette. Especially if you have a fat bankroll. So, what is the logic and the benefits of using this betting strategy especially in roulette? Using Oscar’s Grind helps to keep your losses in check especially if you keep your base betting unit small. If you would like to find out more about how to apply this betting system then follow along as we break down how it works.

Oscar's Grind Strategy

How Oscar’s Grind Strategy Works

Ideally Oscar’s Grind works best on even money bets because there are less variables to consider. Although you can apply it to other roulette bets, it has the best yields on even money bets such as betting on the colour, an odd or even number and a group of numbers amongst others. Understanding how the strategy works is key in how well this strategy works for you. The strategy is applied in rounds. A round ends when you make a positive profit. If you make a negative profit, you only increase your bet by a single unit until you make a positive profit.

In simple steps this is how Oscar’s Grind Strategy works:

The bet starts off with one unit.

In the event of a loss, you stick with that same initial bet.

You increase your bet by another unit if there is a profit made.

Let us illustrate the negative and positive profit:

As mentioned, start off with a base unit, make sure it is not more than 5% of your budget to ensure that you don’t run out of money before you make a positive profit. Let’s say your base unit is $1


Your first bet is a $1 you lose, the profit you make is -$1

The next bet you make is $1 again, you lose profit is negative at -$2

Again, you make another bet of $1 this time you win and your profit is at -$1

Because you made an upward profit you increase your bet by another $1

The round ends when you win and have a profit that covers gives you more money than your initial bet.

Oscar’s Grind Simulation

An easy way to practice the Oscar’s Grind strategy on a roulette game is through a simulation of possible outcomes. We have laid out a table that clearly indicates what you can do in different outcome when you use this strategy on roulette games. In fact, you may even use the simulation table below as a calculator template.

Bet size Result Profit Action
$1 Loss −$1 Bet size stays the same
$1 Loss −$2 Bet size stays the same
$1 Loss −$3 Bet size stays the same
$1 Loss −$4 Bet size stays the same
$1 Loss −$5 Bet size stays the same
$2 Win −$4 Bet size is 2 units now
$2 Loss −$6 Bet size remains 2 units
$2 Win −$4 Bet size increases to 3 units
$3 Win −$1 Only 2 units needed to achieve profit
$3 Win $1 Session ends


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