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Updated on: May 12th, 2021

A Christmas Carol Slot is the perfect Christmas slot. This game encompasses everything we love about Christmas. Not forgetting that it is based on the classic Charles Dickens story of the Scrooge. Are you ready to dive in to find out what Christmas goodies and cheer you can get from this real money Betsoft slot game? If so, stick around as we review this classic online slot games for real money.

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A Christmas Carol Slot Features

Naturally the slot will feature a lot of Christmas related symbols. In addition to the standard traditional card suits symbols which are the lower ping symbols there are more Christmas related symbols. Most of the symbols are adapted inspired by the classic Charles Dickens tale.

A Christmas Carol Slot

Symbols and Payouts

The Christmas presents and gold coins symbols payout according to how many you have matched on the reels.

Number of Symbols   Three   Four   Five
10 5 coins     25 coins     50 coins.
Jack 10 coins     25 coins     75 coins.
Queen 20 coins     50 coins     80 coins.
King 25 coins     60 coins     100 coins.
Ace 40 coins     75 coins     150 coins

The two highest paying symbols are the shiny gold belt and the Scrooge himself. Depending on how many symbols of these you land on the reals you can get up to 800 thousand coins respectively.

  •  gold bells 200 coins
  •  gold bells 400 coins
  •  gold bells 800 coins
  •  Scrooges 300 coins,
  •  Scrooge Symbol – 500 coins
  •  scrooges -1,000 coins

Just when you thought they couldn’t be any more symbols comes the Turkey and the ghost which pay out even more. The Christmas Turkey is the wild and also pays out according to how many Turkey symbols are on the reels.

  •  Turkeys – 800 coins
  •  Turkey Symbols – 1,200 coins
  •  Turkey symbols – 2,400 coins


Bonus Features

There’s a bonus game within the slot which is a heads or tails Campbell period in this bonus game you can bet on either heads or tails and if you guessed correctly you will double your prize or winnings. However, if you guess incorrectly you will lose all your winnings so be careful with this feature.


Final Ratings

There is nothing like a classic Christmas slot to usher in the spirit of the season. Moreover, it gives players a chance to get good Christmas cheer with easy real money winnings. Not to mention that it’s adaptation of a classic Christmas story makes it even more enjoyable.

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