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Baton Rouge, Louisiana, eagerly anticipates the arrival of its inaugural land-based casino, Queen Baton Rouge. Mark your calendars for the grand opening on August 24 at 9 p.m.. It guarantees an unparalleled gaming and entertainment experience for all.

Discover the captivating story behind this venture, from its inception to the remarkable $85 million renovation and expansion process.

The casino’s 100,000 square feet property now boasts a DraftKings sportsbook, a smoking patio called “Lit,” and five outstanding dining and entertainment venues. Beyond its allure, Queen Baton Rouge’s establishment brings forth prosperity, creating jobs for the community and fostering positive economic growth.


Hollywood Casino to Queen Baton Rouge

Previously known as Hollywood Casino, the casino underwent an extensive $85 million renovation and expansion process. The works began in August 2021 but faced delays due to rising construction costs and concerns about the Mississippi River’s flood dangers. Nevertheless, Queen Casino & Entertainment persevered, aiming to open its doors in the fall, boasting a now enhanced 100,000 square feet property.

Revamped Casino Atrium and Exciting Additions

The casino’s atrium has undergone a significant transformation as part of the extensive renovations. Expanding its footprint by an impressive 33,000 square feet. This expanded space now hosts an array of thrilling additions that will captivate visitors. Notably, the introduction of the DraftKings sportsbook adds an exhilarating dimension. Inviting guests to indulge in sports wagering like never before. The newly created smoking patio, aptly named “Lit,” is a delightful retreat equipped with a vibrant bar and approximately 100 slot machines. Promising endless excitement and fantastic opportunities to win for all the casino’s esteemed guests.

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Restaurants and Entertainment Venues at Queen Baton Rouge

Prepare to be delighted by the revamped casino’s diverse dining and entertainment options. With five unique venues, guests will embark on a culinary journey. The Loft at 1717 offers an elegant ambiance and delectable delights. While Shaquille O’Neal’s Big Chicken tempts with its mouthwatering and bold flavors. Step into the modern chic atmosphere of 1717, savoring innovative cuisine that enchants taste buds. For those seeking a coffee haven, Capitol Coffee Baton Rouge is the perfect spot to unwind. And lastly, indulge in the authentic flavors of the Far East at 3 Woks Noodle Bar, an inviting destination for lovers of Asian cuisine.

A New Era in Gaming and Entertainment

Terry Downey, President, and CEO of Queen Casino & Entertainment, expresses excitement about the casino’s debut, expecting it to be an unmatched gaming and entertainment destination in Louisiana. The Queen Baton Rouge aims to become a beacon of gaming, entertainment, and sports wagering for the entire region, benefiting visitors and the Baton Rouge community.

Employment Opportunities and Positive Impact

The casino’s opening will generate job opportunities for the local community. As the company plans to fill approximately 100 new positions. Additionally, recent job fairs have already employed 20 individuals. The riverboat that previously housed the casino’s games will be sold to Viking River Cruises. Providing convenient transport for passengers to the city center.

In summary, Queen Baton Rouge’s grand opening promises a thrilling entertainment destination and a positive impact on Baton Rouge and its residents, both economically and socially. Queen Casino & Entertainment looks forward to contributing to the region’s growth, with plans for further investments in Belle of Baton Rouge soon.

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