When Should You Hit or Stand in Blackjack?

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Updated on: February 8th, 2021

When you hit in blackjack, you are asking the dealer to deal you another card. You will carry on hitting until you bust. When you stand in blackjack, you don’t want to be dealt any more cards.

These are the basic decisions that you make when playing the blackjack game. You will make them as a way to beat the dealer and win the game without going over 21. However, you need to know when is the right time to hit or stand.

It is simple to know when to hit or stand when you understand how the game works. Below we share with you when you should hit or stand in blackjack.

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When to Hit

If you have a total hand of eight, you can hit against any card from the dealer. This decision will be based on that, in the remaining cards in the deck can help your chances to make a good high hand. You can also choose to hit if you have a hand total that is 15 or lower.

Another time where you can choose to hit is when the dealer has a high card. You can choose to hit even with high cards because the game aims to beat the dealer’s hand. The dealer will continue to hit until they get a total of 17 or higher.

when to hit or stand in blackjack

When to Stay or Stand

If you have a hand that totals 17, 19 or 20, you should stand. This is because you won’t gain anything and it does not matter what card the dealer has. This is to prevent you from busting.

Knowing Soft and Hard Hands

Now that you know when you should hit or stand, it is also important to know the difference between Soft and Hard hands. A soft hand will have an ace, and the card can count either as one or 11. A hard hand will have other cards. The hands that have the same total will be treated differently depending on where they fall under.

When to Hit or Stand Charts

There are charts on blackjack which tell you when you can stand or hit, depending on the kind of hand you have. You can find these charts online at various sites. You can use the free blackjack games to test out the strategy charts before using it for real money.

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