Mississippi Stud Poker Online: A Beginner’s Guide to Playing

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Embarking on the journey of mastering Mississippi Stud poker promises an entertaining experience. This card game seamlessly integrates aspects from renowned poker styles like Texas Holdem.

Find ample opportunities to showcase your newfound skills at premier online poker platforms offering Mississippi Stud. Widely embraced in brick-and-mortar poker rooms across specific US regions, this game’s popularity is on the rise.

Continue reading to unravel the intricacies of playing this dynamic poker variant.

Mississippi Stud Poker

Understanding Mississippi Stud Poker

In essence, Mississippi Stud is akin to Texas Holdem, with a unique twist, you’re not pitted against fellow players. The key is having a hand superior to a preset hand to secure victory.

Casino rules may vary on the hand strength needed for a win. Generally, surpassing a pair of Jacks is requisite for victory. Some casinos may treat hands from a pair of sixes to a pair of 10s as a push, introducing an additional layer of strategy to the game.

Mastering Mississippi Stud Poker

Playing Mississippi Stud involves navigating a swift-paced five-card poker game. To thrive in this poker variant, you must adeptly grasp and execute five crucial steps.

Initiating Your Ante Wager

The commencement of each Mississippi Stud round involves players making ante bets, a prerequisite for receiving cards that round. Simultaneously, it’s the opportune moment to consider any bonus bets the casino might present.

Once all players have committed to their ante wagers, the dealer distributes cards to each participant. Additionally, three community cards find their place facedown on the table.

Your eventual five-card poker hand is crafted from your hole cards and the concealed community cards, reminiscent of Texas Holdem. Similar to the latter, the communal cards unfold in three stages, offering betting opportunities before the revelation of each community card.

Engaging in Third Street Betting

Upon receiving your initial hand, assessing your cards and strategizing for your hand becomes pivotal. Prior to the unveiling of the first community card, players opting to remain in the game must place a bet.

The extent of your betting options hinges on your initial stake amount. Typically, you’ll decide to wager between 1x and 3x your ante as your third street bet.

Unlike certain poker variants, the option to merely check and progress to the next round is unavailable. In essence, a commitment to betting in each round is imperative to sustain your presence in the game. Once all bets are in place, the dealer proceeds to reveal the initial community card.

Navigating Fourth Street Betting

Following the revelation of the initial community card, you’re granted another opportunity to bet based on your hand. However, before proceeding, it’s prudent to reassess your hand’s viability for continued play.

Given the limited number of three community cards, the significance of this stage cannot be overstated, your final hand will comprise all of these cards. Consequently, even formidable hands may face elimination at this early juncture.

If your hand loses its competitive edge, folding might be the strategic move. Conversely, if you’re determined to persist, placing another wager to remain in the round is the way to go.

Similar to the third street bet, your fourth street wager aligns with your initial ante bet, offering a betting range of 1x to 3x. Once all bets are in, the dealer proceeds to unveil the second community card.

Approaching Fifth Street Betting

At this juncture, four of the five cards comprising your final hand are unveiled. Seize this moment to reevaluate your winning prospects based on your current hand.

With insights into potential straights, flushes, or other five-card combinations, you can optimize your strategy. Capitalize on known winning hands, considering a stake increase if, for instance, you hold a three-of-a-kind or a two-pair.

This marks your last opportunity to place bets on your hand. Elevate your stake if a flush or straight remains within reach. As final wagers are settled, the dealer proceeds to disclose the ultimate community card, concluding this phase of the game.

Securing Victory in Mississippi Stud Poker

Upon the revelation of all cards on the board, every player gains clarity on their ultimate hand for the round. The dealer subsequently initiates the distribution of payouts, marking the culmination of that particular round.

Commencing the payout process, the dealer first settles any side wagers, such as the three-card bonus. Subsequently, winnings for hands are disbursed in accordance with the game’s payout table. Here’s an illustrative example of what the pay table in Mississippi Stud might entail:

Royal flush

500 to 1

Straight flush

100 to 1


40 to 1

Full house

10 to 1


6 to 1


4 to 1


3 to 1

Two pair

2 to 1

Pair of Jacks or better

1 to 1

Pair of 6s to a pair 10s



Typically, in Mississippi Stud, hands falling below a pair of sixes result in a loss of the wager. It’s common for premier online casinos offering this game to feature side bets, with payouts determined once the final community card is disclosed. These additional betting options add an extra layer of excitement and potential winnings to the overall gameplay experience.