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Slots and video poker games are some of the most popular casino games. In fact, these two games are often compared to each other in terms of odds and gameplay.

Many players that don’t find success playing slot games turn to video poker because you can use strategy. Likewise, those who are not interested in video poker tend to lean on slot machine games for the simplicity they provide.

If you are one of those who prefer one game over the other, then you should read this article. Also, if you simply want a comparison of these two games for your next casino game choice, you should read this guide.

We will break down all the important features of the games and then compare them to see which game fares better.

Video Poker vs Slots Machine Games

Difference Between Slot Machines and Video Poker Games

Video Poker

  1. Video poker requires more strategy than slot machine games. For example, every video poker game will start with five cards. Thereafter, you have to choose which cards you’re going to keep and which to discard. So, your decision will be affected by the strategy you have.
  2. When you play video poker more often than not, you will find that the game offers a high payback than slots. For example, Deuces Wild offers a payout of 100.76%. In comparison, slots offer a 99% payback when you play Mega Joker.
  3. The payout in video poker is not too complex to figure out. It is quite easy. All you need to know is what payouts will change the payback of a specific game.
  4. Video Poker has the benefit of allowing players to win profits in the long term. You can find a positive expectation (+EV) on some of the Video Poker variants.

Slots Machine Games

  1. Slot games offer larger progressive jackpots than video poker. In fact, you can win millions from playing slot games. However, keep in mind that there are a few slot games that offer such winnings.
  2. Slots are not stressful to play because you don’t have to think much when you play a slot game. You can just place the game on autospin and have a cup of coffee. So, for people who don’t care about strategies, then slots are the best games for that.
  3. When you play slot machine games, you are guaranteed more comps. Although you are dealing with a bigger house edge, the casino will offer more comps to make up for the house edge. For example, you might get a 2% comp rate on the losses you have made.
  4. Playing slots on the internet will get you a bigger pay than the land-based casinos.


There are negatives and positives to both Video Poker and Slots. Therefore, as a player, you have to choose a game suited to your interests and goals. As we have mentioned before, if you are looking to win large jackpots, then choose slots. However, if you want to showcase your strategy, then Video Poker is the game for you.

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