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Video poker games are not rigged. Inside video poker machines software is a random number generator or what we know as RNG. This basically keeps the simulated deck of cards used in the casino game constantly shuffled.

The Deck Gets Shuffled Only When You Hit Deal

With a return rate that is close to 100 percent, the video poker game is incredibly popular amongst casino players who enjoy casino games of skill however lack the skill and experience to win huge at a poker table.

When it comes to distinguishing between the facts and fiction, a complicated aspect of video poker that people do not comprehend is the way cards get shuffled. While the traditional poker involves a 52-card deck which is also shuffled before every hand. Even so, it’s a 53-card deck if you play Joker Poker, and video poker games work inversely. Like the best slot machine games, the outcomes of the deck depending on a random number generator.

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This program is constantly shuffling the deck of cards whether you hit deal or not. Though the RNG of an online video slot or the brick and mortar machine shuffles 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. Hitting deal or a draw does not trigger a shuffle, however, stops the program at any shuffle combination it has.

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Machines Cannot be Hot or Cold

Now that the RNG has been made clear, the concept of hot or cold machines should seem absurd. Thanks to the hardworking shuffling of the RNG programming of video poker games. There are 2.6 million possible video poker card combinations, all of which are drawn at random. This idea of leaving a machine when it’s hot, or gambling longer if it’s cold, comes from next common fallacy that the games are following a pattern. Because the deck is continually shuffled, it is absolutely impossible to guess what cards will be dealt.

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