Las Vegas Billionaire Jay Bloom’s close call with the Titan Implosion

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Las Vegas billionaire Jay Bloom, renowned for his contributions to the casino industry with ventures such as the Mob Experience on the iconic Las Vegas Strip, has recently made a startling revelation. He claims to have voluntarily relinquished two seats on the ill-fated submersible Titan. Which tragically imploded while exploring the Titanic shipwreck. Bloom, a prominent figure leading an investment group eyeing an NBA expansion team, shared his decision through a heartfelt Facebook post. Concerns regarding potential dangers, including the integrity of the vessel’s hull, led him to forego the ill-fated trip. As events unfolded, Bloom’s choice proved to be fortunate. The Titan implosion on June 18 resulted in the tragic loss of all five passengers.

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Comparable to Everyday Safety

Jay Bloom, a renowned Las Vegas billionaire, shares his encounters with Stockton Rush, the CEO of OceanGate, regarding the ill-fated submersible Titan. During their visit to the Titanic exhibit at the Luxor on March 1, where they explored the remarkable artefacts, including the renowned 15-ton “big piece” of the Titanic salvaged by deep-sea explorer Paul-Henri Nargeolet, who unfortunately perished alongside Rush on the Titan.

Over lunch at the casino hotel’s food court, Rush presented Bloom with a limited book of photos signed by himself and Nargeolet. Persistently attempting to persuade Bloom to join them on the Titan. In a reflective Facebook post, Bloom expressed his reservations about the potential risks associated with the expedition. Despite Rush’s assurance that the safety measures were comparable to everyday activities.

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Unforeseen Offer: Drastic Price Reduction Amid Titan Implosion

During the events of April, Jay Bloom reveals an intriguing development. Stockton Rush, CEO of OceanGate, presented a sudden and enticing proposition by significantly slashing the price for the Titan expedition to $150K per person. This offer represented a remarkable $100K discount on the original asking price. However, Bloom deeply regrets being unable to seize this opportunity due to an unfortunate scheduling conflict. As expressed in his heartfelt Facebook post. Consequently, Pakistani businessman Shahzada Dawood and his 19-year-old son, Suleman, eventually claimed the seats. Who, tragically, met their untimely demise during the ill-fated excursion.

Savouring Life’s Simplicity Amidst the Titan Implosion

Before the tragic Titan implosion, Jay Bloom and his son Sean had a heartfelt aspiration to fully immerse themselves in the present and discover happiness in the simplicity of life. Their plan involved taking a deliberate pause. Relishing the inherent beauty that enveloped them. And cherishing the small moments that often go unnoticed. This conscious appreciation was their way of grounding themselves. And building a strong foundation before embarking on any potentially hazardous undertakings. They sought to cultivate a profound gratitude and fulfilment by embracing life’s simple pleasures.