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Mastering street craps proves simpler than its casino-based counterpart. With fewer bets available, new players face less memorization. However, street craps, while easier, is less accessible than online variants, limiting winning opportunities with its simplified bets.

Explore the significant Differences Between Street Craps and Casino Craps. Delve into street craps rules and crucial distinctions, providing you with essential insights before engaging in this popular dice game.

Differences Between Street Craps and Casino Craps

What Defines Street Craps?

To comprehend street craps, liken it to casino craps, particularly if you’re acquainted with the latter. For beginners, the rules are uncomplicated. In this variant, a single player assumes the role of the shooter, in charge of rolling the dice. The first roll sets the point, with the aim to roll it again before a seven appears, leading to a loss.

Differing from casino craps, or bank games, renowned for their myriad betting choices, street craps maintains a more straightforward approach. With a reduced number of betting options, this version generally engages only two players. This streamlined experience intensifies the focus on the essential element of hitting the point, creating a unique and brisk gameplay compared to its casino counterpart. If you’re keen on a faster pace and a more direct interaction with the dice, street craps might be the preferred version for you.

Playing Street Craps: Quick Guide

Learning street craps is a breeze, given its simplified nature compared to casino craps. Typically involving two players, the roll determines the shooter, with the higher roller taking on this pivotal role and initiating the betting phase. The shooter’s objective during the come-out roll is to hit seven or 11, signifying a win. Conversely, rolling two, three, or 12 results in a loss, and any other outcome establishes the point.

As the shooter continues to roll for the point, success allows them to claim the pot, while rolling a seven first leads to the other player winning. A crucial rule dictates that if the shooter craps out on the come-out roll, they retain the dice. However, after setting the point, the responsibility shifts, and the other player takes over as the new shooter. Embracing the simplicity and direct engagement with the shooter rolls, street craps offers a distinctive and straightforward alternative to traditional casino games, making it an accessible and enjoyable option for players.

Contrasts in Street Craps and Casino Craps

While street craps and casino craps share many fundamentals, the primary objective remains avoiding a craps-out scenario to maximize winnings. Yet, notable distinctions set these two variants of the popular dice game apart.

Determining the Shooter

A significant disparity lies in how the shooter is determined. In a casino, the next person in line assumes the shooter role, with the first person at the table automatically becoming the shooter.

In street craps, a competitive element emerges as the two players vie for the initial shooter position. The victor retains the shooting privilege until they craps out in a round where they’ve already established the point.

Opponents in Betting

Another significant distinction between these craps variants is the opposing party in your wagers. In a casino setting, all players place bets against the casino.

This arrangement may be perplexing since certain bets seem to align with or against the shooter. Irrespective of your chosen bets, the casino is responsible for disbursing your winnings, and the casino dictates the betting limits.

Conversely, in street craps, the shooter sets the stakes, and the other player must match the initial bet. Here, the two players engage in direct betting against each other.

Variety of Betting Options

Discussing betting, the options in street craps are notably restricted compared to bank games. Typically, the initial bet between the shooter and their opponent represents the primary wagering choice.

Contrastingly, when playing craps in a casino, a plethora of betting options awaits. Examples of available bets in online casino craps games include:

  • Field bets
  • Pass line and don’t pass line wagers
  • Hardways
  • Come and don’t come bets
  • Prop bets

In street craps, bets closely resemble the pass line and don’t pass line bets in casino versions, where the shooter essentially makes a pass line wager, and their opponent opts for the don’t pass line bet.

Speed of Gameplay

The pace of play differs significantly between these craps styles. Street craps, involving only two players with a single betting option each, operates at a swifter pace.

Conversely, casino craps is generally slower. The dealer must allocate time for players to place all their bets each round, and the presence of more players further contributes to the gradual pace. Additionally, after each round, the dealer must pay out bets to winning players, introducing a slower tempo compared to street games.

Player Count Disparity

Finally, the player count in street craps is significantly more constrained than in the casino rendition. Street craps typically involves just two players—the shooter and their opponent.

Contrastingly, casino craps accommodates multiple players in each game. The specific number varies between casinos and may hinge on the table size. Generally, however, more than two players partake in betting on the same game of craps in a casino setting.

Choosing Between Street Craps and Casino Craps

While street craps and casino craps share numerous similarities, there are significant differences between them. Both have their pros and cons, deciding between the two challenging. Ultimately, your choice may hinge on personal preferences and local availability.

For those desiring extensive betting options and not concerned about the pace of play, casino craps is likely the preferred choice. On the other hand, if you seek a fast-paced game without the need to travel to a casino, street craps is the way to go.

Tips for Online Craps Play

If you opt for casino craps online, selecting the right casino is crucial. Look for reputable online gambling sites offering safety and a variety of bonuses for craps players.

Optimizing Craps Bonuses

When it comes to casino bonuses, leveraging promotional offers is a strategic way to enhance your craps gaming experience. The right bonus can provide you with substantial additional funds for your gambling endeavors.

The key lies in identifying bonuses specifically applicable to craps games and ensuring they come with reasonable rollover requirements. This precaution is vital to facilitate the withdrawal of your winnings.

Utilize a Craps Odds Chart

A third valuable tip for success in online craps involves employing a craps odds chart. A well-constructed chart detailing the odds for each bet proves immensely beneficial, especially for new players.


Frequent reference to your chart can streamline adherence to your craps betting strategy. Whether you create your own chart or find one online, the advantage is yours, as online casinos remain unaware of your chart-assisted decision-making.

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