Rhode Island Sportsbooks: August Gaming Revenue Insights

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August proved satisfactory for Rhode Island sports bettors, but the same couldn’t be said for the sportsbooks. Though the state’s casinos held their margins, the gambling industry missed potential gains due to sports betting. Nevertheless, brighter prospects may lie ahead for Rhode Island’s sportsbooks, offering hope for improved times.


Sustaining the Fiscal Year: Rhode Island’s Casino Performance

In August, the brick-and-mortar casinos in Rhode Island, namely Bally’s Tiverton and Bally’s Twin River, did not gain significant revenue from slots and table games. The combined revenue from these sectors experienced a minor dip compared to August 2022.

In August 2023, these two casinos generated a total revenue of $55.8 million from these categories. This followed the gaming revenue in July, which increased by a slight margin compared to July 2022.

Consequently, the casino revenue of almost $91 million for the initial two months of the present fiscal year is on par with the revenue during the same period in the 2022-23 fiscal year. While a lack of growth is less than ideal for the casinos, it’s preferable to a decline.

The overall gaming industry in the state felt a slight impact due to the introduction of sports betting activity.

Impact of Rhode Island Sportsbooks on August’s Gaming Revenue

As per the August revenue report by the Rhode Island Lottery, legal sports betting revenue witnessed a notable decline of 54.5% compared to August 2022. The total winnings for sportsbooks in August slightly surpassed $1.3 million.

Sportsbooks secured a mere 6.1% of the $22.4 million wagered by bettors. Following a significant year-over-year decrease in July, online and land-based sportsbooks in Rhode Island have seen a nearly 56% downturn in the year-to-date fiscal comparison.

The major contrast was observed in August, primarily within the two land-based sportsbooks in the casinos. While these books collectively won $1.3 million in August 2022, their earnings from bettors in August this year amounted to just $144,099.

In contrast, online betting demonstrated relative stability, hinting at a positive outlook for the gambling industry’s future. The anticipated launch of legal real-money online casino games in 2024 holds promise. If these games gain popularity in Rhode Island as in other states, upcoming Augusts could potentially set new revenue records.


In conclusion, the state of Rhode Island’s gambling industry, particularly encompassing casinos and sportsbooks, experienced a varied scenario in the month of August. While the brick-and-mortar casinos in the state faced challenges with marginal declines in revenue from slots and table games. The sportsbooks took a hit, witnessing a substantial drop in legal sports betting revenue compared to the previous year’s period.

The dip in sports betting revenue significantly impacted the overall gaming revenue for the state. Showcasing the importance of sportsbooks in the revenue stream. Despite this decline, online betting demonstrated resilience, pointing towards potential stability and growth in the online gambling sector. The upcoming launch of legal real-money online casino games in 2024 presents an exciting opportunity for the industry’s future, potentially paving the way for revenue records in future August. The landscape remains dynamic, promising better days for Rhode Island’s gambling industry.