Reno Investment: $1 Billion for UNR Basketball Arena

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Embarking on a monumental journey, Grand Sierra Resort (GSR) commits a colossal $1 billion Reno investment, setting the stage for a transformative decade in the local community. This visionary plan encompasses a cutting-edge arena, a golf facility, a new hotel tower, 300 affordable residences, and a revitalization of the expansive casino floor. At the heart of this visionary transformation lies a sprawling 300,000-square-foot arena. Destined to host many events, from concerts to basketball games, offering modern amenities and an engaging experience for over 10,000 spectators.

GSR Owner Alex Meruelo and University of Nevada, Reno President Brian Sandoval jointly heralded this unprecedented venture. Foreseeing a vibrant community, sports, and entertainment confluence. Amidst the anticipation of Reno’s new era, the revitalization of the casino stands as a testament to GSR’s commitment to providing an unparalleled entertainment destination. Promising a renaissance in the city’s leisure and gaming landscape.

Reno Investment $1 Billion for UNR Basketball Arena

A New Home for the UNR Men’s Basketball Team

In a groundbreaking endeavour, GSR Owner Alex Meruelo and the University of Nevada, Reno President Brian Sandoval are discussing a potential collaboration with the University of Nevada (UNR) men’s basketball team.

The vision entails providing a state-of-the-art arena. Setting the stage for the Mountain West Conference basketball team to play their home games once construction is completed. Nevada’s men’s and women’s basketball teams conduct their home games at Lawlor Arena.

While the plans ensure the women’s basketball team will continue at the 12,000-capacity venue, an exciting shift awaits the men’s team. The ambitious timeline aims to conclude arena construction by 2026. The Nevada Wolf Pack is anticipated to debut in the venue during the 2026-27 college basketball season, marking a significant moment in UNR’s athletic journey.

Reno Investment – Elevating the Grand Sierra Resort Experience

The Grand Sierra Resort’s (GSR) thriving casino is at the heart of this transformation, boasting a colossal 100,000-square-foot casino floor, the largest in northern Nevada.

Complemented by nearly 2,000 existing hotel rooms and suites, this iconic property is synonymous with entertainment and luxury. An integral aspect of the visionary $1 billion investment involves a strategic expansion, addressing burgeoning customer demand.

The blueprint entails the addition of an impressive 800-room hotel tower, enhancing the accommodation options and overall experience for visitors. Moreover, a dedicated parking garage will be constructed, streamlining access to all venues within this expansive development.

This casino expansion represents a direct and significant investment allocation. Underscoring GSR’s commitment to offering an unparalleled and immersive entertainment destination. Stay tuned as GSR propels itself into a new era of lavish offerings and superior guest satisfaction.

Enhancing Reno’s Aesthetic Charm: The Grand Bay Transformation

While the arena is a focal point in this extensive reno nv investment, the enhancement of the Grand Bay portrays an equally enticing facet for the community. This forward-looking endeavour embraces the creation of a picturesque walking path encircling the bay. Accompanied by captivating water shows, adding a touch of natural beauty and entertainment to the locale.

Further enriching the entertainment spectrum is incorporating a golf facility. Drawing parallels to the popular Top Golf venues, promising an engaging and leisurely experience for all. Alongside these attractions, the development encompasses the construction of 300 new riverfront housing units. Emphasizing affordability to accommodate the burgeoning workforce in the area. Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve lauds this monumental investment as a game-changer.

Underscoring its far-reaching positive impact on the citizens, the University of Nevada, and the flourishing tourism industry. As the Grand Bay undergoes this remarkable transformation, anticipate an elevated and captivating Reno, captivating residents and visitors alike.