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In a shocking revelation, Phil Mickelson gambling exploits have come to light, suggesting bets totaling over $1 billion in the past three decades. A planned $400,000 wager during the 2012 Ryder Cup has added a layer of intrigue to his gambling journey, documented in a forthcoming book by renowned gambler Billy Walters. This blog dives into Mickelson’s complex relationship with gambling, exploring controversies, astounding losses, and the remorse that has followed, providing an in-depth perspective on a golfer whose gambling escapades have made headlines.


Walters’ Insider Perspective

This revelation stems from a much-anticipated book by the infamous gambler Billy Walters, titled “Gambler: Secrets from a Life of Risk.” Walters, boasting an impressive winning streak of over 30 years, spills the beans on the extent of Mickelson’s gambling activities. He discloses intricate betting estimates based on his detailed record and reliable sources.

Legal Entanglements and Fallout

Their partnership, however, took a turn in 2014 when Walters was indicted in an insider trading case, partly involving Mickelson. Although Mickelson escaped charges, he had to repay about $1 million linked to a stock deal. This incident highlights the entanglement of Mickelson’s gambling habits with legal complexities and the financial world.

Beyond Golf: Phil Mickelson Extensive Bets

Mickelson’s gambling escapades weren’t limited to golf; records suggest extensive bets on various sports. Walters reveals staggering figures, showcasing the sheer scale of Mickelson’s gambling endeavors between 2010 and 2014, debunking previously reported figures.

Phil Mickelson Mickelson Response and Professional Ramifications

The fallout from this exposé extends beyond the realms of golf. Mickelson’s admission of his gambling addiction and subsequent statements reflect a mix of remorse, responsibility, and commitment to therapy. On the professional front, Mickelson faced consequences, including suspension from the PGA Tour in 2022. Further muddying the waters of his esteemed golfing career.

Walters’ Insights and The Larger Picture


Walters’ success in gambling was undeniable, often facing limitations on bet amounts from bookmakers due to his prolific winning. His revelations illuminate the scope of Mickelson’s involvement in the gambling world, showcasing a tale of extraordinary bets, legal entanglements, and a golfer caught in the whirlwind of fortune.