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Updated on: September 7th, 2020

Keno Rules OnlineDo you know what the keno rules are? It’s a simple lottery style game so how complex could they be? Well fortunately the game of keno is not too complicated to play or understand. However, it does have a set of rules that need to be followed for you to win at keno. Whether you play keno online or New York state lottery they are standard keno rules that are to be followed. Most of the rules pertaining to the keno payout to chart.

Because keno is so popular in the USA especially around the different lotteries some may have different or unique roles to each state lottery. We will point out the rules for the keno games in Massachusetts or higher Nebraska and Georgia.

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Basic Keno Rules

  • Numbers are chosen from a range between 1 to 80
  • Each keno ticket has all the numbers from 1 to 80.
  • You randomly select numbers on a ticket and the maximum you can choose is 20 numbers. However, some games limit you to 10 or in between 10 and 20
  • The cost of your ticket is determined by how many numbers you choose so the more numbers you choose the more your ticket will cost.
  • Your payout depends on how many of your selected keno numbers hit.
  • Whether you are playing at a state lottery or at one of the top online keno sites we recommend you can refer to the keno payout chart to see what the payout for getting a specific total of numbers correct is.

Keno Rules

Keno Rules MA

According to the keno rules in Massachusetts you need to submit your bed sleep with your chosen keno numbers to get a keno ticket. The keno ticket will have your selected numbers from the bet slip.

Ma keno only allows players to choose a maximum of 12 spots on a keno ticket. There is a 10-spot game 11 spot game and a 12-speed game. What this means is players have the option to choose up to 10 numbers on the 10-spot game 11 on the 11 spots came and 12 on the 12-spot game.

Each of those games have a maximum payout of 2 million dollars for getting all numbers correctly.

Keno Rules Ohio

Ohio keno rules only allow a maximum of 10 numbers to be picked.

There is a total of 10 different keno games from a one spot game right up to a 10-spot game.

$1 to $5 and $10 and $20

You can enter one keno ticket into a maximum of 20 consecutive draws.

The Ohio lottery select 20 numbers randomly. And if any of your 10 numbers match any of the 20 selected then you are eligible for a payout.

Remember your payout is directly proportional to how much you bet. The keno payout chart on the Ohio keno lottery is based on the minimum $1 wager.

Keno Rules Georgia

Georgia Keno allows a maximum of 10 spots per game.

Wagers on keno start from$1 to $ 3 and then $5 and $10.

The most you can win on a keno ticket with the minimum wager for getting all 10 spots correct is $300,000.

You can play one keno ticket in multiple draws and specify how much you want to wager per draw.

Your keno payout is directly proportional to how much you bet the more you spend per ticket the higher your potential payout will be.

Connecticut Keno Rules

If you are playing keno in Connecticut you play 1 to 10 spots

Your betting amounts are $1 to $ $5 then $10 and $20

Again, in this keno game the payout rules state that your prize correlates with how much you wager the more you wager the more you will collect when you win

The highest possible prize on the minimum bet is $100,000.


There are many states with keno games and most of those follow the basic principles we have outline earlier. The more you bet the more your potential payout will be. Always check how many spots you are allowed to select to avoid forfeiting a win because of a silly error on your part. Parts like Nebraska do not have keno games as part of the state lottery. They rely on independent keno operators such as Big Red who stream keno draws to various states.  Rest assured though that there are many top online casinos that offer US players keno games for real money. In fact, we already reviewed and found more than 50 casinos. You may look at them here or scroll back up to the table.

Whatever you do, remember to play well and within your budget and have fun!

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