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Updated on: May 13th, 2021

Cheat at BingoIf you are curious about how to cheat at bingo you are probably frustrated with constantly losing when you play bingo whether online or at a bingo hall. We’ll start off by saying cheating at bingo is not something we recommend. Besides the fact that it is poor sportsmanship it could land you in a lot of legal trouble. For instance, Brett Keeton was one of the most prolific electronic bingo machine cheats. He was found cheating at bingo and subsequently committed suicide after being caught.

We will look at some of the ways that people have used to cheat at bingo below.

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Electronic Bingo Machine Cheats

Yes, it is definitely possible to cheat at bingo. However, the methods employed to cheat at bingo differ depending on whether you are playing online or at a bingo hall.

How to Cheat Online Bingo

At the outset we mentioned a certain Brett keeton who was found to have been cheating on bingo games.

Keeton’s methods where more sophisticated than your average bingo cheat. He was a software engineer who found a way to rig the electronic bingo machines in such a way that boosted his chances of winning above the average. He did not or could not interfere with the actual random number generator.

However, what he did was to read the machines in such a way that he got more cards than permitted. And if you’re familiar with how probability works, the more cards he has the more chances of winning he has.

He was smart enough not claim the larger winnings of $1200 or more because that would mean leaving a paper trail as you have to fill a tax form for that. It is unclear how long he had been tampering with the bingo machines and when and how he had managed to do it since he took his own life before he could be questioned.

How People Cheat at a Bingo Halls

Now the average bingo player is definitely not a sophisticated software engineer who can manipulate code to get unfair bingo payouts. What options does that leave our ordinary cheating Joe?

There are three main basic ways to cheat at bingo halls.

Working with The Bingo Caller

Some have been known to bribe and work in cahoots with the house bingo caller. The caller will I the tip of their accomplice to quickly give them the number before shouting it out.


This means that the accomplice is ahead of everyone else in the bingo hall and will be able to shout bingo first because of the unfair head start. Alternatively, the bingo caller may even shamelessly call out numbers that do not even appear on the ball but that match with the accomplices’ card.

Making Fake Bingo Tickets

This method is more accomplices’ laborious and yet it doesn’t have the best conversion rate. Making fake tickets does not ensure that the numbers that will be cold out who much does tickets. However, it means that you are boosting or and improving your odds of getting correct numbers without having to pay for bingo tickets. However, to successfully make counterfeit tickets that pass that test you need to be familiar with what material is used to make the bingo tickets in the whole that you want to play in including all the stamps logos and insignia associated with that bingo halls tickets.

Stealing Winning Tickets

Unfortunately, people do steal winning tickets from unsuspecting players. In a bingo hall there many players and all the cards are on the table and after shouting bingo you still have to go and claim your payout.

However, all you need to claim a bingo payout is the winning ticket and there is no ID associated with your purchase of the ticket. Therefore anyone with the winning ticket can claim the bingo prize. More so with all the players since bingo games have mostly known to be associated with all the older generation. They may be more unsuspecting of people in the bingo hall since they are familiar with most people and trust that it is a safe environment.

How to Cheat on Bingo App?

If you manage to cheat a bingo app online you have an impressive set of skills. Unfortunately, you’d be using those skills for the wrong thing. Unlike with bingo halls there are no physical bingo tickets to tamper with, steal or even manipulate. Once you purchase your online bingo ticket it is recorded on the computer and as each bingo results comes it is marked off.


The only way to circumvent this would be to manipulate the online bingo software itself. While Brett Keeton managed to manipulate electronic bingo machines in the halls, it would be more difficult to do that in online bingo since the software is made by independent companies. More over each casino has their online casino gaming software regularly audited. Therefore, any irregularities in payouts would be picked up quickly.


How to Win Bingo Every Time Without Cheating?

The truth is there is no way to win bingo every time without cheating. Bingo is a gambling game after all and gambling means you do not know what the result will be. This is not a game for anyone who is a bad sport and cheating shows poor sportsmanship.

If you would like to improve your chances of winning in a bingo game there are several bingo tips that you can use to improve your odds.

  1. Buy more bingo tickets – It will help improve your odds of winning.
  2. Choose bingo games with good odds
  3. Claim online bingo bonuses which help you play for longer without using your own money.

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