Online and Land-based Gambling: Aristocrat CEO’s Vision

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The chief executive of Aristocrat, one of the leading land-based gaming companies, has revealed a compelling outlook where online gambling and land-based operations coexist. In an enlightening conversation with CNBC, CEO Hector Fernandez dispelled the notion that the company’s increased investment in the online gaming sector stems from a fear of interactive platforms overtaking the land-based sector. Instead, Fernandez emphasized the potential for online and land-based gambling to enhance each other’s performance. Delve into his insightful perspective and discover the path to harmonious coexistence in the gaming industry.

Online and Land-based Gambling Aristocrat CEO’s Vision

Online and Land-Based Gambling in Perfect Harmony

Aristocrat recognizes the need to balance between the two. And CEO Fernandez is confident in the company’s long-term strategy covering both sectors. Physical gaming has been thriving and is expected to continue growing robustly. Fernandez dismisses that digital platforms threaten land-based gambling, countering fears of online expansion’s potential societal impact. While appreciating the reach and revenue impact of the real money gaming segment, Aristocrat has recently made strategic acquisitions in specialized online gaming platforms. Fernandez emphasizes that digital gaming will play a dual role, coexisting with land-based casinos, providing players with both convenience and the unmatched social interaction of physical casinos.

Online and Land-Based Gambling

Aristocrat CEO Envisions a Dual Future for Online and Land-Based Operations

Aristocrat’s CEO, Hector Fernandez, outlines a future where online gambling complements physical performance, striking a delicate balance. Physical gaming has been flourishing robustly and is expected to continue thriving in the years ahead. Fernandez dismisses concerns that online platforms will overshadow land-based gambling. Aristocrat recognizes their real money gaming segment’s additional reach and revenue impact with recent strategic acquisitions in specialized online platforms. Fernandez emphasizes the dual role of digital gaming, offering convenience while acknowledging the irreplaceable social interaction in land-based casinos. Despite shifting market trends, Fernandez remains optimistic about the enduring appeal of physical casinos and explores new opportunities for land-based gaming, including in Asia.


In conclusion, Aristocrat’s CEO envisions a dual future where online and land-based gambling coexists. Fernandez dismisses fears of online platforms overtaking physical gaming and recognizes the value of both realms. Aristocrat remains optimistic about the enduring appeal of land-based casinos and continues exploring industry opportunities.