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Las Vegas Resorts World Rewards is undergoing updates to its rewards program following two years of operation. Although the modifications of the Casino to Genting Rewards may be insignificant, most members will observe the changes. It’s important to note that Genting Rewards earned in Las Vegas are exclusive to the local property. And cannot be utilized at other Resorts World locations worldwide. The program update is scheduled mid-year to align with Genting Rewards’ June 1 – May 30 calendar. Which differs from the January 1 – December 31 calendar used by other Las Vegas reward programs like MGM Rewards.

Las Vegas Resorts World Rewards

Resorts World Las Vegas: Upgraded Genting Rewards System and Tier Benefits

Resorts World Las Vegas has recently introduced Genting Rewards, an enhanced rewards program that offers an upgraded experience. Under this new system, guests utilizing their Genting Rewards card at the resort will earn an equal number of Genting Bonus Points and Genting Base Points. This innovative approach adopts a unified single-point earning system. Moreover, slot machine players can unlock additional Bonus Points by progressing through the various tier levels of the Genting Point Boost program. These accumulated Bonus Points can be utilized for various advantages. Such as redeeming them for merchandise, services, or even free play opportunities. While the revamped Genting Rewards structure maintains the same process for earning points. It presents a more challenging path for guests to ascend to higher tiers and enjoy enhanced benefits.

The tier-level Rewards structure

Resorts World Las Vegas offers a tiered loyalty program called Genting Rewards, which rewards guests for their loyalty and patronage. The program has four tiers: Royal, Prime, Monarch, and Imperial. Each tier offers unique benefits and rewards that increase in value as guests move up the tiers.

  • At the Royal tier, guests can enjoy exclusive offers and complimentary self-parking. Moving up to the Prime tier, guests receive invitations to upper-tier events and tournaments, a dining credit of up to $250 (requires earning 75,000 points), priority check-in, and a 10% Genting Point Boost on slot machines.
  • The Monarch tier offers even more benefits, including a 25% Genting Point Boost on slot machines. A dining credit of up to $350 (requires earning 250,000 points), early check-in (when available), late checkout (when available), and airfare reimbursement of up to $350 (requires earning 250,000 points).
  • The Imperial level offers exclusive benefits and rewards at the top tier. Guests at this level receive complimentary valet parking, a 40% Genting Point Boost on slot machines, airfare reimbursement of up to $500 (requires earning 1,000,000 points), and dining credit of up to $5,000 (requires earning 1,000,000 points).

Genting Rewards program aims to provide guests with a personalized and rewarding experience that reflects their loyalty and patronage. With each tier offering unique benefits and rewards, guests can enjoy a truly unique and unforgettable experience at Resorts World Las Vegas.

The tier benefits in Genting Rewards align with those offered by other programs on the Vegas Strip. One compelling reason to sign up for Genting Rewards is the inclusion of free self-parking for all members. Resulting in a savings of $10 each time one visits Resorts World. However, it’s worth noting that complimentary valet parking at Resorts World is exclusively granted to top-tier Genting Rewards members. Unlike most other Vegas Strip casinos, where this benefit is available at lower levels. While free parking holds significance for visitors, the distinction in valet privileges adds an interesting aspect to the Genting Rewards program.

How to Accumulate Benefits at Resorts World Las Vegas

Discover how to earn Genting Rewards points while the program changes and the same earning process is maintained. Guests will continue to earn Genting Bonus Points and Genting Base Points based on their dollars spent at the hotel.

Here are the current rates for earning points as a Genting Rewards member:

  • Slot machines: For every dollar wagered on a slot machine, you can receive three Genting points.
  • Non-earning locations: Hotel rooms, The Kitchen Café, room service, mini bars, and pool bars are excluded from the earning of points.
  • Video poker: For every $3.50 wagered on a video poker machine, you’ll receive three Genting points.
  • Dayclub and nightclub: You can accrue Genting points by spending money at the dayclub and nightlife.
  • Table Games: The quantity of points you receive when playing table games is based on the type of game, your bets, and how long you play.
  • Meeting Groups & Celebrations: Ask about Genting Points when making reservations for meeting groups and celebrations.
  • Earn one Genting Point for each $5 spent on retail goods, spa services, and food and beverages.
  • Retail, spa, food, and beverage: Enjoy earning one Genting Point for every $5 spent on retail purchases, spa services, and dining experiences.

Interactive World of Genting Badges and Games at Las Vegas Casino

Genting Badges and games offer a unique way for guests to engage with the Genting Rewards program at Resorts World Las Vegas. Genting Games are interactive activities that unlock specific Genting Badges and prizes. Members can access badges and games through the app or kiosks on the casino floor. These features provide an exciting and rewarding experience for guests.