Indiana July Gaming Revenue: Insights from the Latest Report

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The Indiana Gaming Commission’s July report reveals noteworthy insights into the state’s gaming landscape, particularly focusing on Indiana July Gaming Revenue. This report highlights a positive trend in gambling revenue, showing a significant monthly increase.

However, sports betting handle experienced a decline compared to June and the previous year. Additionally, collected taxes also decreased on both a monthly and yearly basis. This comprehensive overview underscores Indiana operators collecting around $31.6 million in gaming taxes.

The adjusted gross revenue amounted to $198.4 million, reflecting a 4.87% increase from June, though down by 4.2% from July 2022. The report further examines top-performing gaming venues and the dynamics of sports betting handle, influenced by neighboring markets and prevalent sports preferences among Indianans.


Gambling Revenue and Tax Trends

The report underscores a notable monthly increase in gambling revenue for July. However, the sports betting handle declined compared to June and the previous year. Equally significant, the taxes collected throughout the month experienced a decrease on both a monthly and yearly basis.

Indiana July Gaming Taxes Collection and Revenue Overview

The report’s pivotal highlight is that Indiana operators collected nearly $31.6 million in gaming taxes. The adjusted gross revenue (AGR) reached $198.4 million. This figure, calculated by deducting payouts from the handle, showed a 4.87% rise from June. Nevertheless, it indicated a 4.2% decrease from July 2022.

Furthermore, the top-performing gaming operators for July, including venues like Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana and Horseshoe Indianapolis, demonstrated monthly revenue increases.

Sports Betting Handle and Factors Impacting It

The report unveils a decrease in sports betting handles for July, standing at around $203.8 million. This marked a 9% decrease from June’s figure and a 1.4% drop from the same period in 2022. Notably, the report highlights how Ohio’s entry into the online sports betting market and the upcoming launch of Kentucky sportsbooks are shaping Indiana’s sports betting landscape.

Sports Preferences and Top Performers

Intriguing insights emerge regarding sports preferences among Indianans. Baseball emerged as the most popular sport for betting in July. With a detailed breakdown of the state handled by sport. The report also identifies DraftKings Sportsbook as the top online sportsbook earner, while its partner, Ameristar Casino, contributed to the retail sports betting handle.

This report provides a comprehensive understanding of Indiana’s gaming revenue trends, tax dynamics, and the evolving landscape of sports betting.