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If you’re new to online gambling, you might come across peculiar bets that seem unusual, to say the least. In fact, some of these outlandish wagers might appear downright unusual to you. Bizarre Things to Bet On in 2024, but rest assured, betting sites offer a range of oddities to wager on, and they’re not only entertaining but also safe. The following is a rundown of some of the strangest things you can bet on in 2024. Brace yourself, as this list might leave you amazed.

Bizarre Things to Bet On

Betting on the Unknown

Among the most peculiar subjects available for betting in online betting markets are UFOs and encounters with extraterrestrial beings. This category of wagers has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. During this time, specific alien-themed proposition bets have attracted considerable attention and participation:

  • Predicting the outcome of the Alien vs Human War.
  • Speculating on which celebrity or public figure will be the first to experience an alien abduction.
  • Wagering on which country will be the target of an extraterrestrial attack.

With the growing number of reported UFO sightings, ongoing space exploration endeavours, and Elon Musk’s aspirations to establish a colony on Mars, it is expected that 2024 will witness a significant increase in betting activity surrounding extraterrestrial phenomena.

Bizarre Things to Bet On: Cheese Pursuits

In the realm of cheese rolling, what began as a regional pastime has blossomed into an international spectacle. Leading this cheesy charge is the renowned Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling event, held annually in Coopers Hill, Gloucester, United Kingdom.

Picture this: throngs of participants eagerly pursue chunks of round cheese down the steep hillside, creating a scene that is both exhilarating and eccentric. Amidst this quirky pursuit, one can even engage in the unexpected thrill of placing bets on this downhill clash between humans and cheese wheels.

Bizarre Things to Bet On: Planetary Peril

Certain reputable sportsbooks offer odds on weird bets, such as the occurrence of meteor strikes on Earth, which could result in widespread devastation. Surprisingly, one particularly eccentric proposition bet involved speculating on the likelihood of a meteor hitting Buckingham Palace. Despite the slim probability of such catastrophic events occurring, the unconventional allure of betting on this possibility remains strangely captivating.Top of Form

Wagering on Celebrity Marital Dissolutions

Believe it or not, it’s possible to place bets on the likelihood of various celebrities getting divorced. Paradoxically, predicting these outcomes isn’t particularly challenging, given that most celebrity couples extensively document their lives across various media platforms. If you’re deeply immersed in celebrity gossip, consider investing in predictions regarding high-profile divorces and potentially profiting from the dissolution of their unions.

The Quirky Sport of Wife Carrying

In a uniquely amusing competition, couples participate in wife-carrying races. Husbands race against each other, carrying their wives across a designated course spanning two to three football fields.

Originating from Finland, the annual Wife Carrying Championship in Sonkajärvi attracts participants worldwide, with minimal equipment, helmets, belts, and, hopefully, lightweight wives, adding to the eccentric charm of the event. This event has also become a popular subject for sports betting enthusiasts, adding an extra layer of excitement to the competition.

Competitive Eating and Betting

In recent years, competitive eating has become increasingly popular for both participants and bettors. Major League Eating events are now commonly featured in sportsbooks, offering prop bets on various aspects such as the total number of hot dogs consumed and the likelihood of protests or mishaps during the contests.

Political Betting

Political betting has gained significant popularity. With options ranging from predicting presidential outcomes to forecasting the stability of war-torn nations and the likelihood of political figures being ousted within a year. While some individuals may wager based on personal biases, those who remain objective and analyze evidence may find political prop bets relatively straightforward.
One particularly engaging aspect of political betting in recent times was the array of prop bets surrounding Donald Trump’s actions and outcomes.

Predicting the Next Pope

While it may seem unconventional to some, putting your money on the next Pope or even speculating on their Papal name has gained traction among seasoned bettors in recent years. For devout Catholics, their deep knowledge of church affairs may provide an advantage in handicapping such events. Considering a modest wager on the next Pope odds alongside a contribution to the collection dish might be an intriguing proposition worth exploring.

Bizarre Things to Bet On: Social Media

In the realm of unconventional betting options, social media events take centre stage, offering a plethora of intriguing possibilities.

For instance, Bovada currently features a humorous bet on whether X (formerly known as Twitter) will implement a monthly fee exceeding or falling below $2.99.

Moreover, expect to encounter additional social media prop bets such as “Will Facebook transition into a Government Utility?” and “TikTok Spy Indictment Props” as the year progresses.