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Are you still wondering which casino is easiest to win? Well, wonder no more! We’ve conducted a series of tests and thorough research to provide an honest review. The analysis actually looked at casino games that offer players the best odds of winning. The easiest games to beat the house are card games and blackjack has the best odds. Gamblers can reduce the house edge on a classic table game to as low as 1%. You can improve your chances of winning by using a basic blackjack strategy.

Our gambling experts have compiled a list of casino games with the best odds to help players choose wisely on their next visit to the casino. You can use the return to player percentage (RTP) to discover the easiest casino games to win. The RTP reflects the number of players that have won in relation to the amount of money used to bet on gambling games.

Which Casino is Easiest to Win?

List of Casino Games with the Best Odds

Go through our list of casino games with a high RTP percentage across casinos online and brick and mortar casinos. This does not guarantee that you will win. However, you can learn how to win at a casino by using the best strategy that has helped previous winners.

1. Blackjack RTP 99%

Blackjack card game is one of our easiest games to play that has the best odds of winning. Players have the opportunity to win at a game with a house edge of 1% at top casinos in the US. Additionally, you can improve your chances of winning by using a winning strategy such as card counting or memorizing the blackjack chart.

2. Craps RTP 98%

Craps dice game remains the best casino game in Vegas to win money. While the game remains largely based on luck, you can use certain betting systems that reduce the house edge.

3. Roulette RTP 98%

Roulette players have the opportunity of lowering the house edge to less than 2 percent when they play the right variant. The roulette wheel and table differ with each version of the game and the odds of winning improve when you bet on Reds or Blacks.

4. Slots Machine RTP 97%

You can play slots games for a chance to win a life-changing amount of money. It is important to understand how do you pick a winning slot machine with bonus rounds. Pick a slot with a high coin denomination and jackpot rounds to win big.

Now that you’ve discovered which casino game is easiest to win, visit any of our recommended casino sites to test the strategy. This information is useful for beginners and seasoned gamblers looking to lower the house edge at a casino.

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