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Las Vegas popularly known as Sin City is home to the Las Vegas strip which boasts of hundreds of America’s best casinos. In fact, some of the world’s best casinos are in Las Vegas. People travel from all over the world to enjoy slots, table games and some good 5-star resorts in Las Vegas. With so many casinos to choose from what are the best options for visitors who are new to Sin City? Let us walk you through the top 2 casinos in Las Vegas.

The Best Casino in Las Vegas

Choosing one casino out of the premium casinos that Las Vegas offers and singling it out as the best is not only hard but unfair. The range of casino resorts all have something special to offer its patrons. It comes down to what you are looking for. All the casinos have a multitude of gambling games. It’s not that you have to choose slots or table games. Or that you have to give up casino games to gamble on sports. Most if not all the casinos in Vegas have casino and sports gambling. If you are indulging in the full Vegas tourist experience you are likely interested in the hotel aspect of the casinos and all their entertainment options.

Our Top Two Casino Choices in Vegas

Golden Nugget Casino

If you prefer gambling at tables rather than by the slots then Golden Nugget would be the number 1 choice for you. The casino has more than 50 table games each with multiple tables. It also offers the full resort experience with restaurants a hotel pool and slot games.


Bellagio is one of the most recognizable casino names in Vegas and for good reason. Famed for hosting some of the biggest poker tournaments, this the poker player’s best bet. Its poker rooms are also filled with a rich history. One of them is named after the famous Bobby Baldwin a prolific poker player who now works as an executive at MGM Resorts International. It too has a wide range of slots, a 5-star hotel, fine dining, robust nightlife and entertainment.


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