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There are many different bets in craps, and horn bet is one of them. It is considered a high risk bet because that bet’s house edge is quite high.

You may have even heard the horn bet called the “sucker bet.” Find out all that you need to know about the wager in this guide.

What is the Horn Bet?

The horn wager is often classified as a single-roll bet, and it’s always placed by the stickman in the center of the craps table.

It enables players to combine four single bets and wager them as one. That means the horn wager covers all three craps numbers (2, 3, 11, and 12).

Professional craps players usually use the horn wager to add some diversity into their gameplay. Plus, the horn bet adds more excitement. However, if you are not experienced with playing craps, then you should probably avoid placing a horn bet because it’s high risk.

Not many players place the horn wager. After all, it is divided into four equal bets because it involved four numbers. However, some players like the horn wager because it’s a single roll type of bet. So, you would not have to wait for dice throws that don’t involve your wager.

Best Horn Bet Payouts

How to Use the Horn Bet

If you decide to place $20 on the horn wager, that amount will be divided into four equal numbers. That means the stickman will place four $5 bets on the 2,3, 11, and 12.

You will only win on one of the numbers that appear on the dice. All the other numbers that you have bet on will lose.

In craps, all players are expected to place bets that are divisible by four. If you roll a 12, you will win on the bet you’ve placed on that number. However, the numbers 2, 3, and 11 will lose. The 12 will payout 30:1. So, that means you will win $150 and your original $5 stake.

Since the other three numbers have been lost, you will also lose $15 of your original bet. However, if you’ve won $150, you will not have lost much.

But the reason why the horn wager is a high-risk bet is that if other numbers besides those you’ve bet on are rolled, you will lose. That’s why you will rarely find a strategy that recommends the horn wager.

The High Horn Bet

The high horn bet is a variant of the horn wager, and it mostly works in the same way.

However, the high horn bet is different because the stake on one of the whole numbers is doubled. This means that as a player, you’ll place five bets instead of four.

If you want to place a high horn wager , you need to specify which one of the four numbers you want to place the high horn wager on. The number you choose will be considered a “high” number.

Also, the high horn requires you to place $25 instead of $20. Please note that these amounts are purely to illustrate how the high horn wager works. You can place any amount you think is best for you.

The dealer will divide the bet thus: $10 will be on the 12 while the 2,3, and 11 will have a $5 stake.

Horn Bet Odds

Horn bet payouts vary depending on the individual numbers. So, let’s look at how the various numbers payout.

Bet Payout
2 30:1
12 30:1
3 15:1
11 15:1


When you combine the numbers 2 and 12 in the horn wager you will have a house edge of 13.89%. While the 3 and 11 have a house edge of 11.11%. This means that you will lose $13.89 when you’ve placed $100 on the 2 and 12. At the same time, you’ll lose $11,11 on a $100 bet on the three and the 11.