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Virginia is chasing sports betting’s chariot of fire which seems to be trailblazing all over the United States. A new bill has recently been filed which could see sports betting finally legalized in Virginia. The issue has long been a talking point which was all but stalled as the state was very opposed to the gambling in general. The state’s legislators will be discussing said bill in their next session. The winds of change with regard to sports betting have been blowing strongly in the USA this year. New Jersey legalized online sports betting and has been reaping the revenue rewards. Many other states have had changes in policy in favour of gambling in general. Let’s find out how Virginia plans to facilitate sports betting in the state.

As it currently stands Virginia has no legal commercial casinos. Earlier this year, slot machines were okayed by the governor. But other than that, gamblers in the state only have the option of race track betting, the state lotteries and charity fund raising events where bingos and raffles are allowed.

Who is Spearheading the Sports Betting in Virginia?

One of the House of Delegates Barry Knight has filed a bill – House Bill 4 / HB4 right in time for the next house session. His bill seeks to separate and differentiate sports betting from casino gambling. As everything stands, Virginia’s lawmakers are pretty much against casino gambling which is probably why this proposed bill is not inclusive of casino gaming.

Virginia Sports Betting Bill

Knight hopes HB4 will work hand in hand with Senate Bill 1126 which effectively legalized electronic pull tab machines in Old Dominion. Although full on casinos are not legal under this bill, this year seems to be opening up gambling doors in Virginia.

There is not much detail of how sports gambling will function in the state. However, if it is successful it sets the framework for more open policies where gambling is concerned.

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