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The state of Tennessee could be home to brand new Sports Betting locations in March. We have had a couple of stories detailing the wave of Sports Betting that seems to be taking over the United States. Since Tennessee took the possibility of legal Sports Betting to a vote last year in November, it seems everything else has been flowing smoothly for sports-betting. The public was given a chance to weigh in on proposed gambling laws and rules. Residents were given from November 2019 to the 6th of January this year to let their feelings be known concerning Sports Betting in the Volunteer State. Since that window is closed now, all systems are set to implement the rules and final legislation that will guide Sports Betting in Tennessee. When can Tennessee sports fans expect to start placing wagers on and their favorite spots? Read on for more details as we expand on this new development in the Tennessee gambling industry.

Tennessee’s Sports Betting Bill Developments

The Tennessee lottery will run sports Betting in Tennessee. A Sports Wagering Advisory Council is meeting on the 18th of February to finalize rules and regulations that have been drafted to guide Sports Betting in the state. If everything goes well from that meeting and there is no need to overhaul the proposed laws and rules surrounding gambling on sports in Tennessee, then players could start betting on sports as early as March this year.

 Unfortunately, it does not seem like Sports Betting will be up and running when the San Francisco 49ers battle against Kansas City Chiefs in the upcoming Super Bowl LIV. But if everything goes well, we could see Tennessee partaking in betting on March Madness.

Tennessee Weighs in on Online Sports Betting

 If the sports-betting Advisory Council agrees to its next meeting on the 18th of February, Sports Betting operators could start putting in their applications for betting operation permits. Approval for this permit is not expected to drag on unnecessarily long so we could see  sports betting operations as early as March. the reason why it will be so speedy is possible that Tennessee is strictly looking at online betting operations. Many sports-betting operation operators have started making preparations just so that they are ready in time for the green light from the Tennessee lottery. Sports Betting licenses in the state are expected to cost just shy of a million per year. EA Sportsbook operator in the state would be expected to fork out $750000 a year to legally operate an online sports betting site. That hefty licensing fee is sure to weed out the chances who don’t have the means or facilities to facilitate safe online sports betting for Tennessee residents.

We will keep our readers updated on any more developments in the Tennessee Sports Betting scene.

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