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Sports betting in Ohio may soon be a reality. Lawmakers in the sate have been involved in a lot of discussions which seem to be pointing to the legalization of sports betting in the Buckeye state. It seems the sports betting agenda is spreading like wild fire in the USA at the moment. Well maybe not like wildfire but slowly but surely there is an increase discussion about legalizing sports betting in various states. According to how things are going the winds of change seen to be blowing in favour of sports betting in Ohio by 2020. But there is a snag that is stopping lawmakers from just pushing through and swinging the law into action. What is the obstacle standing between Ohio and sports betting? Find out as we unpack the details of this developing story.

What Stands Between Ohio and Legal Sports Betting?

The room seems to be divided in deciding what structure should be put in place to oversee any sports betting in the state should it be legalized. The two bills which have been put forward in the effort to legalize online betting on sports each have their own suggested watchdogs. One suggests the State Lottery should oversee the running of sports betting in Ohio whereas the other wants the Ohio Casino Commission in charge.

Ohio Sports Betting Bill

The Senate Bill (SB) 111 which advocates for the Ohio Casino commission top head the sports betting industry is lobbying for one of the lowest taxes on profits made. The House Bill (HB) 94 on the other hand is in favour of the state Lottery to drive sports betting in the state. The House Bill also recommends a 10% tax on sports betting profits compared to the 6.25% proposed by the purveyors of (SB) 111.

The Future of Sports Betting in Ohio

Although it is unclear who will be ion charge of the regulation of sports betting in Ohio, one thing is certain, lawmakers are in agreement that it should be legalized. The legislation in Ohio acknowledges that indeed sports betting should be legal, for two main reasons. One being the generation of revenue that would serve the residents of Ohio. The other being a safe betting environment for Ohio’s residents because they are well aware of the fact that black market operators thrive in such restrictive environments and puts consumers at risk of being ripped off.

We will be watching with keen eyes how Ohio handles this bill. Keep updated with this and other UIS casino gambling stories in our blogs.

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