South Dakota Lawmakers Make Second Attempt to Legalize Sports Betting

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South Dakota lawmakers are trying again to legalize Sports betting in the state. In 2019 they had a bittersweet run with a potential bill to legalize Sports betting. The Senate Affairs committee was very welcoming and it successfully passed there; only to flop when it went for a vote at the South Dakota House State Affairs committee.  We must say it wasn’t much of a surprise since the Senate affairs committee vote was very close- there was only a one vote difference. We have been reporting on a number of states that are pursuing illegal sports gambling. And it seems that lawmakers in South Dakota has suddenly been inspired to pluck up the courage again and try to legalize sports betting the state. Will it be different for them in 2020? Well let’s find out how they plan to successfully pass the bill through the Senate and the house this year.

How will Lawmakers in South Dakota Get Sports betting Legalized?

What makes the Senate attempt this year different from last year? Well it’s a little bit complicated let’s break it down for you.  First there needs to be a change in the constitution that allows the residents to vote on whether they want Sports betting or not. States like Montana have a provision in the constitution that allows residents to have a sale in matters such as these. The change to South Dakota’s constitution is actually under rain and there is an amendment currently being processed. Since 2020 is an election year the house is more likely to be willing to make some concessions.  Once the amendment is final in South Dakota can go to the polls to vote or possibly allowing Sports betting in the state.

South Dakota tries to Legalize Sports Betting

As it stands the future of Sports betting in South Dakota is still very much a speculative matter since it depends on so many variables. However, the gaming industry in South Dakota is very hopeful and already there has been talk of where the central hub of sports betting will be. Deadwood South Dakota is more likely to be the central location of all Sports betting operations in the state. Deadwood gaming Association is strongly behind the move to legalized gambling on sports and they will begin lobbying for a vote on the matter.

It seems that the Sports betting bug is unstoppable. Almost each month a new state is considering legalizing Sports betting. We figure by the end of this year most of the United States will have legal Sports betting. Keep an eye on our blogs for more on this story and other us gambling news.

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