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You know that roulette is quite a popular casino game both online and at land-based casinos. So, it makes sense that players would devise roulette systems to get an edge when playing the game. But finding a way to continually win when playing roulette can be quite a challenge. But that does not mean you can do it.

However, you should keep in mind that success is not guaranteed because lady luck may not be on your side on a particular day. We have compiled a few strategies that will help you gain a little edge over other players. Also, these are strategies that have worked for other players and they were nice enough to make sure that you also have the same strategies.

Roulette Systems that Work

Progressive Roulette Systems that Work

Here are a few roulette systems that you can use the next time you play at the one of the best gambling websites we have recommended for you.

1.      The Fibonacci System

This strategy is named after Italian mathematician and many players have sworn by this system. So, you have to use a sequence of numbers to increase the size of your bets. You need to clear limits when you use this roulette system.

2.      Labouchere System

This is another one that has been created by roulette players. It is a complex system and you have to make sure you understand the system.

This strategy allows players some flexibility to decide their bankroll and what they expect when they play roulette using this system.

3.      D’Alembert System

This roulette system is named after a mathematician .as with other roulette strategies. With this roulette system instead of doubling the bets, but you will have to increase them by one unit.

By increasing your bet by one unit each time you make sure that you don’t run the risk of emptying out your bankroll.

4.      Reverse Martingale System

This system is the opposite of the popular Martingale system. However, one thing that you have to keep in mind is that the techniques are the same. So, you will get to double the amount that is wagered after each winning round.

The point of this strategy is to make sure that you maximize your profits instead of gaining the losses back.

5.      Martingale System

This is one the most popular roulette systems that you will read about in relation to roulette.  The idea of this Martingale system is to use 1% of your bankroll then you bet on the red and black or odds and evens.

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