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Rhode Island has just online lottery games to its gambling portfolio. We are strongly inclined to believe that it has a lot to do with the Coronavirus pandemic. A lot of people are just not going out as much specially to get non-essential goods such tickets for the lotto. Due to this, the state has experienced a dip in revenues that normally were received through such online lottery gambling. It is great to see that Rhode Island residents will be able to buy lottery tickets online. Additionally, there will be more games available online from the state lottery. You can play Mega Millions, Powerball, scratch cards and more games straight from your phone. Is your interest piqued? Then keep reading as we reveal more details of this exciting development.

Rhode Island iLottery Games

Rhode Island Lottery players now have Keno, bingo mega millions, Powerball and more games at the tips of their fingers. The announcement was made on Tuesday the 12th of May this year much to the excitement of Rhode Island. It is no secret that the global shutdown has affected the state financially. A projected $800 million budget deficit is expected in RI. The addition of online lottery games for real money is set to inject much needed revenue into the state.

Rhode Island Online Lottery

The iLottery is promising much more than just convenience. There are additional perks that players get from using the lottery online. As a player you may register yourself for a free account at RILOT.com and not just any account- a VIP+ Purchase Power account. The state lottery has even added a brand-new mobile app to play Keno and eInstant games. Games start from as little as a dollar right up to $10. Payouts will be the same as always. Prizes of $600 or less will be automatically deposited into the players bank account. You will link your bank account to your iLottery account when you register.

Below are some of the games you can enjoy at Rhode Island’s iLottery:

  • Multiply the Cash
  • Texas Hold ’Em
  • Emoti Collect
  • Pink Diamond Crossword

Gerald Aubin, Director of the Rhode Island Lottery announced in a press release, “We’re pleased to offer the ability for players to buy and play Keno and eInstants from their computers or mobile devices,”. Aubin went further reiterating the benefits both to the player and the state. “This will be a great convenience for players and will generate additional revenue for our state.”