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A former baccarat game dealer at Resorts World Sentosa, one of Singapore’s two gaming venues, was sentenced to 20 months in prison for theft of over S$124,000 in casino chips from his workplace. He used the chips to pay his debts to loan sharks.

The Malaysian casino game dealer Yeoh Zhong Cheng told the court that he owed amid S$80,000 and S$90,000 to loan sharks in his homeland and Singapore.

The now ex Resorts World Sentosa worker started working at the casino in July 2017. Last summer, he was then caught by the property’s surveillance removing three chips from the float, which is a covered tray that is attached to a baccarat and stores the playing chips. Each stolen chip was worth S$1,000. Investigations trailed to discover that the thieving dealer had taken chips worth over S$124,000 on 28 distinct occasions between the month of June and July 2019. After taking them from the float and sliding them into his shirt, he would hide them in his locker during breaks.


Yeoh was incapable to cash the chips himself as a worker at the casino, nevertheless, he was found to have also recruited assistants – Yeoh Zhong Jie his younger brother, and friend, Ooi Shi Chao, to help him. Ooi and Yeoh met eight times in June 2019 and received chips worth S$30,600, according to court filings.

Stealing Baccarat Dealer Could Have Received a Tougher Sentence

Yeoh could have gotten a much greater sentence if he had not pleaded guilty to a smaller charge connecting to break of trust. The thieving dealer could have been sentenced to up to 15 years of imprisonment for embezzlement of casino chips and a S$500,000 fine for every assisting charge and up to 10 years.

It is still unclear whether his brother and the other accomplice also face charges. According to the court filings, three of the chips Yeoh stole from the casino are recovered.

Yeoh is not the only Resorts World Sentosa casino gaming dealer to have been caught thieving chips from the betting venue in recent years. In 2019 June, an ex dealer at the property was also sentenced to nine months and six weeks in prison after he was found to have stolen S$77,000 value of chips from the casino.

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