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Updated on: May 19th, 2022

A sequel to the whimsical Gemix slot, Gemix 2 is filled with much more enchantment. The 7×7 slot offers bonuses and more of the fairytale characters you enjoyed in the first installment of this slot series. Play N Go released the Gemix 2 on the 8th of July 2021, so it’s still a fresh new slot game. You can play it for fun or real money

Play Gemix 2 Slot Online for Real Money

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100% Bonus up to $2500
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Vegas Aces Casino
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Gemix 2 Slot RTP and Volatility

Gemix 2 offers players an RTP of 96.2%, standard for most Play’N Go slot machines. While it’s a 7 by 7 slot, it has a single fixed Not sure if you got this already, but please ring number 36 option 2 line. It is a high volatility slot and has a maximum jackpot of 750,000 coins.

Gemix 2 Slot

Symbols and Payouts

GMX has traditional fairy tale slot symbols. The game is based on a theme of fairy tales and enchanted fairylands. So most of the symbols include princesses, knights, wizards, and fairies.

Gemix 2 Slot Bonus features

Most slots with single fixed paylines don’t usually offer players big opportunities to win. However, Play’N Go is different, gives a high maximum exposure, and has multiple bonus features.

There are cascading reels within the base game, which are triggered when you land five or more winning symbols in clusters. As more wins are earned, the crystal charge meter keeps increasing. Once 25 winning symbols fully charge the meter and are no more cascading symbols, the crystal charge feature comes into effect. The crystal charge feature will trigger other bonus features: Light Beam, Chain Lightning, Crystal Warp, And Nova Blast.

Crystal Charge Feature

You can collect up to 50 winning symbols in the crystal charge feature to supercharge the meter and activate the feature. You will earn a 2x multiplier, and this feature may be read figured if you collect another 50 winning symbols. The multiplier and 50 winnings symbols collected will increase the multiplier by two up to 20 x.

Chain Lightning

There are two symbols in the corner of the roles which can shoot out an electrical arc, and whatever symbols are hit by this electrical charge will transform into the corner symbols. This means they turn wild and can therefore form a winning combination.

Light Beam

In Light Beam, light rays shoot out horizontally and vertically from a particular symbol on the reels. When this light beam hits, other symbols will be transformed to the symbol from which the light beam came.

Crystal Warp

In Crystal Warp, a random symbol is chosen on the grid then that symbol and any other similar matching symbol warp into other symbols

Nova Blast

In Nova Blast, a randomly selected symbol will explode. Any symbol within a 70-mile radius will also explode core symbols beneath. These core symbols will be similar matching symbols.

Worlds Pattern Bonus Game & Wilds

In addition to the best game, there is the world pattern that triggers additional bonus features.

Complete two patterns in the world’s future world’s pattern feature he can move on to the next world. When you complete a world pattern, there is a bonus pocket game in this pocket game there for guardians, which appears with a unique wild symbol. If the crystal charger is triggered during this round, the guardian wilds turn into miner worlds.

The four guardians and the unique worlds that they appear with are;

  • Sky Knight World – get two 2 x 2 mega wilds 1X multiplier
  • Minus world – up to 10 wild symbols in this feature
  • Princess world – will be chosen to turn wild and adjacent symbols will turn wild too.
  • Wizards world – you can get up to 5 sticky wilds at any position on the reels.

Gemix 2 Review Final Rating

Gemix 2 is a fantastic slot game. If the RTP and maximum exposure were not convincing enough for you, we would present you with nearly ten bonus features! It might have a single fixed payline and high volatility, but the risk is well worth it with a high payout and bonuses. Sign up to play it online for free or real money today!

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