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Pennsylvania is set to overtake Nevada as the United States gambling capital. This comes in the wake of the new online sports betting platform that’s about to be launched. The state of Pennsylvania has been leading in in breaking new ground when it comes to online gambling. in the last few years the keystone state has been relaxing and modifying its laws around sports betting in online gambling. A number of gambling operators have taken advantage of the new markets and the friendly loans around gambling in that state. Just in the last year Caesar’s were able to open Harrah’s sports book in Philadelphia. They have now gone on to give Pennsylvania its latest online mobile gambling app.

So, when exactly can gamblers expect to try out this new sports betting app from Harris Philadelphia sportsbook? find out the answer to this and other questions as we unpack this exciting story about the new mobile gambling app in Pennsylvania.

Date for New Mobile Gambling App Launch

Caesars entertainment had a recent press release about their soon-to-come mobile betting app. however they did not specify an exact state for its release or launch. the casino operator will be collaborating its subsidiary brands that is scientific games. The two Harris and scientific games collaborated to create the online sports betting app.

New Mobile Betting App Pennsylvania

With Football season fully in motion, the timing is perfect. Gamblers will have access to both pro and college games. The OpenSports mobile betting app allows bettors in Pennsylvania to be part of the section wherever they are. Although they are entering market with some formidable competition already, Open Sports seems fit for the challenge.

The addition of mobile betting platforms is not just a win for Americans who enjoy betting but they state benefits economically as well. The stats from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, show that the introduction of online gambling platforms by three casinos in Pennsylvania saw a spike in revenue for the month of July. Almost a million dollars was garnered in just two weeks.

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