Online slots are a universal favourite for all American gamblers. Real money slots make up the bulk of online casino games. Game developers are constantly developing countless real slots online with many exciting themes. The casinos we have compiled have the best real money slots and free online slots in the US. Online slots have been continually evolving over the years. From their humble beginnings over a hundred years ago to the sophisticated slots we have access to now. This page aims to expertly guide you on how to find the slots online real money casinos, tips on how to play slots, and the slot machines with the best payout.

Top Online Slots Real Money Sites


Best Online Slots Casinos

Due to the fact that real slots online are so popular and there are countless casinos claiming to have the best slots online, it can be difficult for players to know what online casino slots to choose. This is why we have reviewed the best US casinos offering the best selection of US online slots. Because USA online slots are so popular and there is too much to choose from, we have sifted through the sea of good and bad slots to give you the best slots casinos in America. We review the top real money slots and for those who want to play online slots for free, we review those as well. A number of US casinos are offering to give you the best online gambling experience, but how can you be sure? Players are unsure of which slot machines pay the best, we have all the answers here. There are several influencing factors that determine what a top online slot is. Let us explore what standard features players should look for in the best US online slots casinos.

Play Online Slots Win Real Money

There are many free slots online, however if you are a real money gambler, you obviously want online slots that will win you real money. The best casinos with slots provide real money slots games. Not only do you want to play slots online real money USA, you want slot machines with best payouts. The casinos we recommend have real money slots USA, elite high roller slots and free slots online. Because there are countless sites to play slots online, we have sifted through the heap of internet casinos to shortlist top USA slots with real money.

How to Play Slots

Once you have found real money slots you want to put you best foot forward and play well. How to play online slots is pretty simple. Slots are a game of chance so there aren’t any specialized skills needed. However, you need to learn how to adjust your bets which is quite simple. The first thing you do when playing online slots is set the bet amount. Most American slots online will adjust their bets with a +/- sign. The line bet is the amount that is bet on each payline. Clicking on ‘select lines’ will allow to adjust the number of paylines.  The total bet is the line bet multiplied by the number of paylines activated.


After the bet select “Spin” to get the reels spinning and if you would like multiple uninterrupted spins then select “Autoplay”. Terms will vary with different slots but these are standard on many American slots online. The software will automatically check each active payline and make payments for the winning combinations. Usually the winning combinations will be three or more like symbols in an active payline starting from the first reel. The amount that is awarded for each winning combination is given in the payout table. You may trigger a bonus feature at any spin. The rules for the bonus features are also given in the payout table.

Most American slots online will adjust their bets with a +/- sign. Clicking on ‘select lines’ will allow to adjust the number of paylines. Select “Spin” to get the reels spinning and if you would like multiple uninterrupted spins then select “Autoplay”. Terms will vary with different slots but these are standard on many American slots online.

Highest Payout Slot Machines

If you know how to play real money slots, you want to win big. Play at an online slots site with slot machines that payout well. Top rated online slots sites make public what the payout of their slots are. To get the best out of the highest payout slot machines players must manage their bankroll well. American casino slots online are more a game of chance than skill. However, it is advisable to play online slots free first to get a feel of the game.

Wide Selection of Real Money Slots Online USA

Having found a real money online slots USA site, the next step is to find if they have entertaining games. As much as you want play online slots and win real money you also want to be entertained. The best online slots real money sites have the widest selection of slots to chooses from. The casinos we list have the best USA slots online. They also collaborate with the best casino games developers to give players the latest slots all the time

Play Online Slots for Free

The common misconception is you can’t play online slots for free. In an effort to give players the best casino gambling experience without denting the players bankroll, casinos offer their members the opportunity to access free slots online USA. All the best USA online slots casinos have free versions of their online slots USA real money games. The great thing about free online slots is they allow players to test the game out before spinning the reels for cash. Free slots online also have the added advantage of letting players to practice and understand gameplay without digging into their bankrolls.

Types of Real Money Slots

Online slots games can be divided into two broad categories. The first has three reels like the old-fashioned land slots. They are also referred to as classic slots. These have very simple features. The other category is the five reels video slots. This is the dominant category with bonus features like free spins and second screen games. The symbols and graphics are built around a theme.


A popular classification of online slots is progressive jackpots. They can have three or five reels. Every bet contributes to the top payout, which keeps on increasing. The player who hits the progressive jackpot gets the full amount. The latest innovation in online slots is the branded slots. These are developed under license from a copyright holder. The copyright may be to a movie, television show or music. The branded slots use audio-visual content from the original brand and this adds to their popularity.

Better Your Odds: Win Real Money Online Slots

The outcome in online slots is randomly determined. There is no way you can influence it. Even when you make choices in the bonus features the outcomes are random. Therefore, online slots are games of luck and no skill element is involved. However, there is one thing you should do. If you are allowed to select the number of paylines, activate the maximum possible. Playing the maximum bet lines increases your odds of winning.

Online slot games differ in volatility or variance. Some offer payouts more frequently, but the payouts are usually smaller. Others offer much larger payouts, but not frequently. Check the payout of the top online slots you play and go for those that suit your requirement. Get into the habit of managing your bankroll. If you have a small bankroll start will small total bets. If you hit a big payout then you can probably increase the bet amount .

Why Play Online Slots Real Money USA

Online slots are visually appealing casino games. They incorporate high quality graphics, animations and audio centered about a theme, which adds to the interest.

US online slots have the highest payout percentage of all casino games. You can get best payout slots with very high payouts per dollar wagered, sometimes going up to 10,000 times or more. Some of the progressive jackpot payouts can run into millions of dollars.

The best online slots sites offer players attractive promotions, larger bonuses with lower wagering requirements as well as best payout online casino slots.

Online slots are based on pure luck and are a great beginners casino game. New casino members can easily play online slots for real money.