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Updated on: June 15th, 2021

How many numbers should you bet in roulette? Well, it depends. All numbers on the roulette wheel each have their pros and cons It would help if you decided whether your position in the game calls for betting few or many numbers in the game. Roulette is an incredibly well-balanced game, so you might find it very difficult to exploit “holes” in the game.

if you decide to bet more numbers, it does not necessarily mean that you should wager more money. Many online roulette players believe that betting a few numbers is better, and there are many benefits to using this strategy. One of the most prevalent benefits is that when you wager a few numbers, you are less exposed to the risk of the house advantage.

Understandably, their logic is sound because the total bet value of betting a few numbers is lower than betting many numbers. Therefore, since the house edge is calculated on your total bet value, the less you bet for each spin, the better it is. However, this strategy has nothing to do with how many numbers you’ve bet. If you want to know more about betting a few vs. many numbers, keep reading.


Bet Few or Many Numbers

Betting Few Numbers vs. Many Numbers

As we have mentioned before, betting a few numbers will lower your risk of being exposed to the house edge. However, as we have also established, this has nothing to do with how many numbers you have wagered.

The Many Numbers Bet

So, if you bet anything more than 18 numbers, that is considered as betting many numbers. For example, the Kavouras bet system uses 20 numbers. A lot of gamblers bet 24 numbers by either betting two dozen or betting columns. However, this type of betting variance is low because you won’t see long losing streaks frequently. But this does not mean that you will earn a profit.

In many cases, these bets don’t offer a large payout. Therefore, it’s possible that even if you have a lot of wins, they will not cover your losses. So, it’s possible to go in a “hole” even if your numbers go missing.

Betting a Few Numbers

Technically if you bet anything below 18, numbers are considered a few numbers bet. However, most players refer to betting five or less when they talk about betting a few numbers. So, the fewer numbers a person wagers, the more the following outcomes are likely to happen:  :

  • Long streaks without hitting.
  • Then Short streaks with many hits.
  • Hits don’t come in the normal interval. They usually come in long waves of misses and short waves of many hits. However, they don’t have to be consecutive.
  • Betting a few numbers has a roller-coaster effect with sharp heights and long lows.
  • The few numbers bet provides players with great variance. Therefore, you won’t always be lucky. However, when you are, you can win big.


As you can see, whether you should bet more or fewer numbers depends on each player and how much they are willing to risk. Each scenario or betting style has a lot of factors to consider. For example, you need to think about your playing style when you are devising a strategy. The type of strategy you decide to use will determine whether to bet a few numbers or many.

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