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Updated on: May 24th, 2021

Vegas Three Card RummyVegas three card rummy is a popular poker variation at online casinos. It shares similarities with three card poker but it is a unique game. The game makes use of one deck of cards. All cards are scored according to their face values.

Unlike standard online poker games where the winner is determined by traditional poker hand rankings, 3 card rummy hands are ranked according to how much the three card values add up to. Find out all the rules and how to play Vegas three-card rummy here. We have also listed all the casinos where you can play 3 card rummy online and win real money.

Play Vegas 3 Card Rummy Online

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Vegas Rummy Rules

  • Use one 52-card deck for Vegas 3 card rummy.
  • All cards have face values and aces are equal to 1
  • All participating players get 3 cards each
  • Dealer’s cards are always face down
  • The lowest hand total wins the game.
  • All cards are face value, aces are equal to 1 and face cards are equal to 10
  • Combinations of pairs, three of a kind, and a pair of cards with the same suit will collectively count as zero points.
  • To win, the player must have a total hand less than the dealer’s total.
  • If the dealer has a hand value of less than 20 all total. raise bets push and any ante bets pay even money.
  • Players can place an ante bet, a raise bet, and a bonus side bet.
  • The dealer has to qualify with a hand of 20 or less for the game to continue.
  • If the dealer does not have a qualifying hand the player with the lowest hand total wins and all ante bets will be paid out.
  • A tie results in a push


How Do You Play Vegas 3 Card Rummy?

Vegas Three Card Rummy begins with the player placing an ante bet. Thereafter the dealer hands out the cards. Both the dealer and player get three cards each.  Dealers’ cards are face down while the player’s cards are all exposed.

There are two plays that can be made, either to raise or fold.

Raising means the player must make another bet that is equal to the initial ante bet.

After the player has made his play, the dealer has to turn over his cards.

To stay in the game the dealer must have a hand total of 20 points or less.

If the dealer’s hand exceeds 20 then all ante bets will pay even money and all raises will push.

When the dealer has a qualifying hand the player’s hand and the dealer’s are compared and the lower hand total wins.

The game starts with the player making an ante bet plus an optional bonus bet.

Vegas Rummy Paytables

In Vegas 3 card rummy the lowest hand wins. Since there is a range of hand totals that can win. There is a paytable where you can see the different hand values and combinations payouts. While the los=west hand wins it is not the lowest hand that pays out the most. If you have placed a side bet a hand made up of an Ace, a 2 and a 3 has the highest payout of 100 to 1.

Ante Bet Payouts

Ante Bets always pay even money.

Raise Bet Payouts

Raise bets are paid out according to the hand total


Hand Total PAYS out
0 4 to 1
1 to 5 2 to 1
6 or more 1 to 1




Side Bet Payouts

Side bets are paid out according to hand combinations and hand totals.

Hand Payout
Suited A23 100 to 1
0 points 25 to 1
1 to 6 points 2 to 1
7 to 10 points 1 to 1
11 to 12 points 4 to 1
13 to 30 points Loss


Odds of Winning 3 Card Rummy

Because 3 card rummy uses a single deck the odds are much better than most poker games. The only catch is that you place your bets before you get your cards. However, you can try to predict the odds for any side-bets or raises you may want to make based on the cards you have. Another factor that makes it tricky to predict the odds is the fact that the dealer’s cards are hidden until the end. It would be better to play at a table with multiple players. Card counting is a handy trick to use in order to improve your chances of winning 3 card rummy.

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