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Updated on: May 27th, 2021

Craps prop bets are wagers that are on any event during the game that is not the final outcome. Craps has a variety of bets which makes the game more appealing to many players. Each bet has a different house edge. There are a variety of various groups of bets. You can choose your bets, based on the house advantage. Bets in online craps can be subdivided into various groups and we will expand on the proposition bets.

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How Craps Prop Bets Work?

Proposition crap bets are a popular form of betting on online craps because they have very little to do with the pass line. These bets are for the more adventurous gambler who is not so much concerned with a risk but more the excitement of the game. What you need to know about proposition bets is that they are often 1 roll bets which means that they are determined by only the one roll of the dice. Whether the shooter makes the point or not proposition bets are not affected.

Craps Prop Bets

House Edge in Proposition Craps Bets

In land-based casinos proposition bets means giving up the ability to place your own chips on the table since they are only to be placed by the stickman. However, you do not need to know any etiquette or rules to placing chips on the craps table when you play online. Proposition bets include hard ways bets and other one roll bets. We will detail a list of all the craps prop bets including house edge and related risk or odds for each bet.

Snake-Eyes Proposition Bets

The snake eyes bets are also known as the aces bet. This is a wager where players are betting on a result of two. If after both the dice is rolled there is an outcome of one on each a total of 2 then you win this bet. It is known as snake-eyes because one on each dice has been said to look like a pair of snake eyes.

 Yo Eleven Bet

This bet depends on an outcome of 11 after a single dice roll. What does the number 11 have to do with the word “yo” you may ask? This is because at land-based casinos when players would yell out 11 it often sounds too close to 7 especially with all the noise that maybe in the casino at the table. Hence the Yo eleven was created. It is sometimes called the just “Yo” as well. The odds of this result at 2 in 36 and the payout is even higher at 16 to 1 however it is quite a risky bet because there are only two possible dice combinations that would get you a result of 11

3 Craps Bets

This bet is also known as 3-Ace deuce. It is a bet that depends on a dice roll outcome totalling three. The name of the wager comes from the fact that this result can only come if the dice rolls out a two which is called a deuce and a one which is known as an ace in craps. The odds for this bet are 18 to 1 however it’s got an equally high payout off 17 to 1.

Box Cars

This is the riskiest prop bet yet. It solely depends on getting two sixes on one roll. For this bet to pay the roll result must be a total of 12. The likely hood of getting just one six is low now imagine trying for two. As your well know risky bets come with high payouts. The house edge on this bet is 16.67% and it pays out 30 to1.

Craps Prop Bets FAQs

What are prop bets in craps?

Bets that have little to do with the final outcome and more to do with individual events that happen during the game.

What are the C and E bets?

A combination of any craps bet with the Eleven bet.

What is a World bet in craps?

Any horn bet with a bet on seven.

What is the difference between a place bet and a buy bet in craps?

The difference between the two bets is that the buy bet comes with a 5% commission and is paid out at true odds while the place has no commission it is paid much less than true odds.


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