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Updated on: August 17th, 2021

 Best Craps BetsCraps bets can be confusing when you don’t understand the game. The game is popular but often times some people play with a trial and error approach. When you understand the bets and rules of craps it is easier to formulate strategy.

The craps table is a good key to help players understand the different types of craps bets. Betting on craps can be broken down to three main betting categories. Pass line, don’t pass line and field bets. There are additional craps bets which we will explain further.

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Best Craps Betting Strategy

Firstly, player need to understand the object of the game. Once you have learnt how to play craps, you can now learn the different craps bets. The point of online craps is to predict the outcome of the rolling of a pair of dice. Here we explain each of the popular craps bets to help learn how to bet craps. There are three main categories of bets- Line bets, Single roll bets and Multi-roll bets.

US Craps Bets Guide

Types of Bets in Craps

Each bet in craps has its own unique payout. Naturally, some have higher payouts than others. However, when you pick a wager to place, it should not just be guided by the potential payout. House edge and the odds of the bet you place being correct must be factored in. Your payout also depends what the dice roll result is. By that we mean, you place a pass line bet and it wins your payout is is dependent on whether the point is established and what the point is. After that your payout will fluctuate depending on what the dice roll is in relation to the point set.

Line Bets

Line bets consist of Pass line, don’t pass, come and don’t come bets.

Pass Line

The pass line bet is the common bet placed before the come out roll.  Newer craps players often lean heavily on this bet. A pass line bet before a come out roll is a bet on a seven or eleven. After a point is set a pass line wins on the point or any other number on the craps table except the following 7, 11, 2, 3 and 12.

Don’t Pass Line

As you may presume the don’t pass line is the opposite of the previous bet. When this is wagered before the come out roll a result of seven or eleven is an automatic loss. A don’t pass wager wins if a 2, 3 or 12 is the result of a come-out roll. Some casinos may exclude 2 and 12 from being winning bets. Therefore, if you are at such a casino a result of a 2 or 12 is an even money bet. When a casino “Bar 12” or “Bar 2” on a don’t pass bet wager it means those numbers are even money bets you win exactly the amount you bet. Don’t pass line bets can only be made before a come-out roll.

Come Bet Craps

A come bet is just a pass line bet that is made during a round of craps. It can only be made after a point is set. Come bets are risky bets as you stand to lose an existing pass bet if you lose the come bet. So how dopes a come bet work. Once a point is set and the shooter has not managed to roll the point or a seven or 11 some player opts to place a come bet. This bet effectively makes creates a point set by the result of the dice roll after the come bet is placed.

For instance, if you place a come bet and the shooter rolls a 9 your point for the come bet becomes 9. The shooter then rolls the dice again- this roll is what determines whether you win or lose it all. If the roll is a 7 and your original pass bet point was a 4, 5 or 6 you lose the bet.

The don’t come bet works inversely.

Single Roll Bets

These include Snake eyes, Ace deuce, eleven, 12, Hi-Lo, Any 7 and field bets amongst others

Field Bet Craps

Unlike a come or don’t come bet which requires a first roll to set a point and another roll to determine a win or loss, a field bet is single roll bet. The bettor hopes for a result of the following numbers 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12. A field bet is a self-service bet meaning it is your responsibility to move your chips from the field box after your wager is one. If not all your chips will be considered a bet for the next roll and you may lose it all if you are not paying attention. A field bet is often placed during the game once the round of betting has begun.

Over 7 and Under 7

a single roll bet that wins if the total outcome is over seven and below seven respectively.

Prop Bets

Craps prop bets are wagers that are on any event during the game that is not the final outcome. Craps has a variety of bets which makes the game more appealing to many players. Each bet has a different house edge.

Multi-roll bets

Multi -roll bets consist of Hard way, easy way, Big 6 and 8, Place, fire, lay and buy bets

Hard way Bet

Basically, you are betting on both dice to show the same numbers, such as: 22, 33, 44, and 55. These would be known as Hard 4, Hard 6, Hard 8 and Hard 10.

Easy Way Bet

An easy way bet is a abet on a specific number with both dice in any combination. If you bet on a six then an easy way bet will win if the dice roll results in a 1 and 5 or 4 and 2. This type of bet does not have a huge payout and is not common at many casinos.

Tips on How to Bet Craps

Playing craps for real money makes it more important to know how to use your different craps betting system. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your bets in casino:

  • Betting craps for beginners the best advice is to stick to bets with a lower house edge like pass bets.
  • The best casinos often offer free craps odds bets which have no house edge attached this a huge chance to win big.

How to Bet Craps – FAQs

What are the different bets in craps?

The different craps bets are:

Come and Don’t come

Pass and Don’t Pass line

Field Bets

Yo Eleven

Snake Eyes

Over 7 Under 7

Big 6 and 8

Hard ways

What is the best bet in craps?

Any of the line bets could be considered the best bets in that they have great odds and low risk.

What are the C and E bets in craps?

The C stands for Craps and the E for eleven. So the C and E bet is a combination of any craps bet with the yo eleven bet.

What are the side bets in craps?

Craps has the widest range of bets of any gambling game. Some of the side bets include:

Point 7

7 Point 7


All Bet

Midway Bet

Sharp shooter

Why is 11 called yo in craps?

Because eleven sounds like seven and when players shout at the casino it could be misheard. Therefore to avoid misunderstand the eleven is known as the Yo-eleven or simply Yo .

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